Melting and Inspiration

Mar 30, 2008 at 8:30 PM
Our snow-man is melting now. Finally - it's so cold for March.

His head melted oddly, widening and flattening, then his body tipped over... until we eventually had a snow-hammerhead shark.


The girls are looking for books about the inspirational things that people do to help one another. Something to counteract the news they have heard lately about people harming one another... I'd like to show them that we live in a world full of wonderful and hopeful things as well, so long as we take the time and effort to help each other out.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I was explaining today about why I'm reading Banker to the Poor -- very inspirational book about Nobel Peace Prize winners in India (you should read it) -- when it struck me that they need that gap filled.

Last week, they studied about the International Human Rights Decree -- and they were both stunned. I found out why. They were shocked -- they realized that somewhere in the world are people who are violating other people's human rights as standard practice. Not accident, but purposeful hateful suppression.

I explained that, YES, that did happen. And making sure enough people in the world knew about the International Human Rights Decree was a great way to counteract that - information is the best way to defeat ignorance.


Then we ended off on it for the time being.

I didn't realize that it had affected them so profoundly until Aurora started to tear up while I was talking about Mohammed Yunus and what he's doing in India. I asked her what was happening and she said that she was just so glad that he was helping people and making great changes happen.

I realized she still has attention on the rights and capabilities of people around the world. It was a shock to the system to imagine a world with hatred as part of the government syste.

I want to counter-balance that recognition of the evil in the world with something equally meaningful and good.

So, I need a book full of such inspirational people -- does anyone have a good book about humanitarianism around the world -- something that is age appropriate?

I don't necessarily care about celebs or sports people. Just do-gooders, charitable persons, those who have made the world a better place. Really any kind of non-fiction where the world is improved would be fine with me.

I'm sure there are plenty, but before I go shopping, I want your input -- Any ideas?

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  1. kenfriend7 Says:

    I recommend "Country" magazine and "Country Extra" -

    In addition to beautiful color pictures of outdoor scenery and stories about country life, there are many stories of people helping each other, including several pages where "regular folks" write in with stories about how someone helped them - a friend, a neighbor, a stranger, whoever.

    These are the most uplifting magazines I've ever read.

    P.S. Look for the "hidden needle" (a drawing of a needle) in every issue of "Country" (two needles in "Country Extra").