Lots of Walks

Mar 18, 2008 at 8:56 PM
Shelley is here, visiting, and I told her all about the rare trillium flowers that grow here.

I almost NEVER see these flowers, as they're being crowded out by other life forms and they're extremely picky critters, for flowers, about where they live and such.

Today I saw a trillium flower while taking a walk with the girls.

We've taken lots of walks around the perimeter, so to speak. We walked into the meadow twice, the creek was visited three times (popular), and the kids went on a "daffodil hunt" for me earlier. A daffodil hunt means they find daffodils for the livingroom, but they only get them from where they aren't immediately along the main roads or directly in the yard.

In a short while, we're going to drive up to Lookout Point. I'll to show them all the sights between.

We'll also take the 3-mile hike (between my and my dad's house) and take in all the beautiful oak savannahs.

I wish the weather was more agreeable. It was SOOO pretty last week here.

This week, the week that Shelley shows up, it's pouring rain all day every day.

But at least the cows are complying. I was literally in the middle of telling her the demented tumor cow story (search my blog for old posts about it if you want to know more) when one of my neighbor's errant cows wandered into the yard and started eating my lawn.

Ahhh. I missed this place.