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Mar 27, 2008 at 7:27 PM

There is a joke about Country songs that goes...

"Knwo what happens if you play a Country song backwards?"
"No. What?"
"He gets his girl back, his house back, his truck back, his dog back, and his job back."

Well, for a little bit there, things were turned upside down a little more than I was expecting.

But, as of today...

I've got my house back.
I got my phone back.
I got my mailbox back.
Kids are back.
Got my couch back.
Got my furniture back.
I've got my cat back.
All my stuff's unpacked.
Everything's arranged and looking good.
And Tucker is as happy as a young pup.

Looks like the song is finally finished playing backwards.


Cat's Out from Under the Porch

My cat, Cole, was born right here. In fact, in this room, where I am currently drinking a cup of cofee and writing this blog. Almost directly under where I current have the foot of my bed. When he was little, he was the runt. One of only two survivors of his mom's first litter. He was a sweet cat, enjoying people-company and liking to nap on my lap.

I loved this kitty from birth. Totally loved him. He was my daughters' favorite.

You couldn't put him in the car though, because he'd FLIP OUT. He was a total homebody - never went outside for anything. Not even for night hunting.

He eventually became the only survivor, probably because of his shy nature. Laszlo disappeared in that mysterious way that cats sometimes do when they're Toms. And then his momma, Star, must have gotten eaten by something while out hunting one night, because she never came back home. And there is NO WAY she'd have left us.

So, eventually, he was the only one left.

When it was time to go off with Michael on our whirlwind trips, it was obvious Cole was not going to be up to the jet setting, so I left him with Am.

Well, as soon as he could, he sneaked outside, and stayed there. He tucked himself under her porch and refused to come out except for food when no one was around. She left the food out there every day and hoped he ate it before the vermin got to it. Couldn't get him to get near anyone though.

Didn't matter what she fed him, how much she called, or what she did. He wasn't having it.

Yesterday, she lured him out with wet food, grabbed him up, popped him into her house, and he spent a few hours curled up behind a big stand-up freezer, refusing to come out.

Am said he had gone feral, and Adam said he was not going to come out until we poked him out. Adam fetched a big stick, and proceeded to start poking behind the freezer. I told him not to. I saw a fire iron back there from some previous attempt to poke him out. Poor cat - teenage boys have their own ideas.

Not quite the same as mine.

I laid down on the floor right next to the freezer, looked right at him, and made the same noise I had been making for him when he was little that meant, "Come here, I want to pet you". It's kind of a "psst-psst-psst-psst-psst-psst" noise.

It took him a minute, but he climbed out and into my hands. Then he started purring and burrowing into my shirt.

I took him all the way home, petting and holding him -- driving with one hand, petting with the other. No flipping out at all. First time a car didn't make him freak out.

He spent his first two hours here glued to me, wanting to be petted, frolicking, licking, rubbing on me. So sweet. And he's obviously not fussed about Tucker being here.

No interest in going outside.

Not a feral cat after all - just didn't want to be owned by anyone but me.

I didn't realize that some cats act with the kind of devotion that dogs do. I didn't realize that he'd bonded with me so thoroughly. I have NEVER had a cat like me before - except when it was convenient for them.

I cried a little and petted him some more.

Well, I guess I finally have a cat that loves me, even when it's not convenience that makes it do so. Most of them won't give me the time of day. This one won't get off my lap.

Maybe I can be a dog person AND a cat person.


Dogs and Cats

Still raining to beat the band here. Lots of rain. It hailed yesterday, hailed this morning and froze over last night. Right now it's COLD. Way too cold for March. The end of March no less.

It's snowy up the hill. SNOW. For PETE'S SAKE!

I'm almost totally out of wood, so I've got to drum up more wood for this late freeze.

The good news is it's fab-tastically gorgeous out. The sky at night has been spectacular. Wooh!


The girls have started home schooling on that new curriculum I got in LA. My Aunt's BFF is actually the creator of the curriculum I've been eyeing for years. What a co-inky-dink! I got first hand advice on how best to apply the curriculum, supplementary materials, etc -- straight from the origin point of the curriculum. Very nice.

They're pretty good at it so far. Right now they're doing Pilates for PE. They finished their first course in the series this morning.

Rory wrote up a great school schedule, and Mandy supervised. They brought it to me once they both agreed on it. They're sticking to it nicely, too. It's quite complex, yet it manages to spread all their subjects out in a doable way across the week, and in a good balance. I'm impressed and proud. We hung it up on the fridge and I've been told by Mandy that it's my job to make them stick to it.

Today's study guide is on how to analyze data to determine validity. It is a bit of a precursor to the idea of scientific reasoning, which comes next. Their study guide says for them to look for practical examples of facts, falsehoods and opinion in daily life and on TV. We have no TV. So, I'm going to be hyperscrutinized by my kids for a while.

Should be fun. Perhaps I'll sneak in a few obvious lies to see what they do.


  1. jere Says:

    I for one am very glad you're back.

    BTW, it's snowing up the hill! Big "inch" snow -- I hope it piles up.

  2. Kat Says:

    Omigod I have a lot of catching up to do with you blog and i'm currenlty being used as both a road and a tunnel by a 2 yr old with a mini John Deere tractor so will have to do it later but wanted to say that I love your cat story, will have to tell you mine. Was going to leave him in FL with someone bec. I didn't think he'd care but a friend got in comm with him for me and she was like..."he doesn't care what he has to go through to go with're his MOM." Wow. Ok. So the cat moved to LA too.