Girls Night Out

Mar 29, 2008 at 2:13 AM
Well, the girls are sleeping over at Am's. Their friend Harlan is her son - he's 10 - full of mud and snails and tree forts. They've been friends since they were all babies. Tonight they:

* Tried to play Duck Duck Goose - Rory got smacked in the eye with an elbow. I'm not even sure how that happens. But she's fine.

* Threw paper airplanes off the loft stairs.

* Ran around the livingroom giggling

* Played chess

* Read a book together full of funny kids stories

* Crashed into deep and restful slumber

Do you remember being that way as a kid? I do. The total abandon with which you throw yourself into EVERY single activity. Even sleep. Lovely fun.

My little girls are so grown up and yet so YOUNG still. They are starting to LOOK like little women, but they're not there mentally yet. Time ticks on, and they're getting closer and closer to womanhood. I'm starting to see the "adult faces" they will have, under those beautiful little girl looks. They've gotten TALLER lately. Shot up!

Plus, yesterday I was talking to Mandy and she was holding her own, discussing history and word roots with me - nothing unusual, but her attitude towards me had changed. She was treating me like an equal. She used to take everything I said as hard fact. Now she challenges me. Now she checks her facts, thinks things through, asks follow up questions that are getting smarter and smarter. They both do that, but Mandy was the one talking to me just then.

I am so looking forward to experiencing motherhood from the perspective of equal.

They're getting more and more beautiful every day - like the beginning of Snow White.

They're going to be fighting off the boys someday soon enough - or flirting. Ugh. But tonight, they are eleven, and discussing the best way to make paper airplanes, which fart joke is funnier, and sneaking reading as late as possible by whatever light they can.

New pictures coming up next.