Living is easy

Mar 14, 2008 at 6:56 PM
It's amazing how I simply don't get upset as easily at all by things people say or do anymore since I finished my basics line-up - I read all the most basic books in chronological sequence recently. Hence, I call it finishing "my Basics" -- it's become as common a phrase as any other in Scientology lately.

I am so glad we're all studying up on what our religion is. At least that way, there is enough knowledge of what a Scientologist actually is to be able to truly stand up and defend it.

I think there were far too many dilletants before and a great deal of us have had to confront our internal dilletantism and go "OK, well, I get it. I didn't know, but now I'm going to study up and start doing this for real."

The difference is tangible.

Honestly, this group has never been a better one to be part of than now.