Call Centers

Mar 13, 2008 at 4:22 PM
I love globalization. I think the more the merrier. Production in more places can ONLY result in more products, more wealth, and more people thriving. Flourish and Prosper!

However, the call centers for customer support should be located in a place where the person you're talking to can have compassion and empathy for you.

The girls in Bangalore who answer your phone calls for the phoen company do not empathize with you not being able to pay your bill. They still live in a cuontry where the worst thing that might happen to a person in that week is still starving to death.

Granted, the call centers are loaded with the very most fortunate people. All of these kids have skills, a job, a place to live, more income than most Indians, and such.

But they cannot drum up the compassion to make exceptions because of what seems like a really lame excuse to someone living in a third world country.

I make that blanket statement only because I have -- not ONCE since the changeover to Eastern call centers -- not once been able to get someone to remove a surcharge, extend my due date, grant me a little leeway.

And that's not because of a lack of politeness, or a lack of compassion. There is simply no empathy for someone in the land of milk and honey, the land of exorbitant plenty, who is having a rough time.

A rough time there is living in a 3 X 3 cardboard structure in the slums.

A rough time here is having to cut back on coffee and eat more Mac and cheese for a while.

There is seriously a difference.

And I honestly am not sure, if from the global scheme of things, I should be glad that every time I call my third world call center I am reminded of the small scale of my problems in teh greater picture, or if I want Joanie in Minneapolis back -- who granted me a 2 month extension when I cried about my car repair costs.

Something to think about anyway.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    Very good point. I will give you a good trick. I live in Asia and if you get frustrate by the person at the call center, ask for the Supervisor.

  2. Lerey Says:

    Good job Desi! Yet again you put things into perspective. And I agree with you. It is definitely something to think about...

  3. Kat Says:

    This is a good point. I also... I mean, nothing against Indians at all, but DAMN if it isn't frustrating when I'm trying to get some help from Dell and I have to sit on hold for half an hour only get finally have someone answer my call who I can't understand... not at all.