More about the DDOS attacks on the Church of Scientology

Feb 4, 2008 at 3:56 PM
Hey! Cindy blogged about it here:

Get the word out that all of us need to make our sane, happy voices heard on the internet. Millions of people watched the parody of Tom Cruise, and millions of people have been visiting church websites as a result of that.

But because ofthe nature of the web, there are countless forums, groups, and social places where the nattery are able to black PR us without being checked or balanced by our truthful, sane and reasonable answers.

It's honestly quite cowardly of the enemies of the church to use lies and deceit to fight us - but that's all they have. The truth is too plainly simple. We help people, we have great tools to use to improve our own lives, and we help people far more consistently than any other means of self-improvement.

We should be glad that the baddies are lying. Because that contains the seeds of the destruction of that counter-effort. All we have to do is tell the truth.

More Scientologists need to communicate online. This happens in blogging, social media sites, and elsewhere.

Basically, it's time to up the quantity of the outflow we product online.

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