Life Savers

Feb 24, 2008 at 3:25 PM
Hi -

As someone trained in Search and rescue, basic fire fighting, and CPR, life saving and generally helping others is something I espouse and try to live by. I have had a few chances in my life to save lives. Not as many as you'd think. And actually, none were related to the above training.

I'll save my stories for another day... Today, I want to hear your stories about HOW YOU HAVE SAVED A LIFE.

Write a comment to tell me about how you've saved a life - even if it's terribly minute, or even several degrees separated from actually pulling someone from the water or out of burning wreckage... It doesn't have to be a big deal to be life saving.

Tell me about it. OK?

1 Responses to Life Savers

  1. Lerey Says:

    When I was young (6 or 7 I think) a younger friend of mine fell in the pool. I jumped in after her and kept her above water. Someone else came and got her out a minute or two later.

    The funny thing, is I don't even remember doing it. But I went to Jr high and highschool with the girl I saved (Aziza) and we stayed friends. She told me about it in high school, probably 10 or so years after it happened! According to her, she would have drowned if it wasn't for me.

    I had forgot about that until I read your post. Thanks for jogging my memory!