update - second part

Jan 12, 2008 at 5:08 PM
After Palm Springs, and that convention, I was glad for some alone time. We drove all night until we got to Vegas. We arrived at three in the morning, so the hotel had given our room away.


So, they gave us a Penthouse Suite upgrade for free.

Here's the suite - oooh. Look at that view!


Except Michael doesn't like heights so I had to keep the curtains closed.

Here's the suite with the curtains closed. Still pretty nice.


Anyway, here are some pictures - comments below the pictures.

Here is Michael sitting down in the hotel room, just after I drew the curtains. He looks relieved, doesn't he? Should have seen him a moment before...

I took this picture of us sitting there together because I'm a mushy silly head.

The bar was great and had way more than most complimentary bars in the way of snacks. I loved it. On the bar counter are bags - those are the chochkies I bought for family and friends in the gift shop - silly "I luv LV NV" kind of stuff. Exactly why I did it? I don't know - the bright lights are confusing and stuff.

The bathroom had a bidet. All I'm saying is I never want one of those. They're a hazard. Especially when you're sleepy and it's 4AM and it's dark. It's like having a thoughtless man leaving the lid up all the time.

Fricking HUGE whirlpool tub. Big as a house. Picture doesn't do it justice.

Before we left, I just HAD to take a bunch of pictures of that VIEW from the Penthouse Suite in the New York New York hotel! (Click on it for a larger picture.)