Update - part five - last chapter

Jan 12, 2008 at 6:28 PM
Hi -

OK. So we left CW and came back here for Christmas. I visited my Aunt and we also had Christmas here.

Here is Michael's mother with Katherine and Julie.

Here's Katherine (Katey) - isn't she adorable? A terrifically stubborn child, and who thinks my room is hers, but is really smart and terrifically cute.

Katey's rarely clothed. She runs around bare most of the time. I'm geting used to it. She almost never eats, so most of the time her mom is trying to force food into her with promises, bribes and just plain begging.

Michael got sick on Christmas because a baby of a visiting friend had the flu, and Michael caught it from her. He was sick as a dog for two days.

We flew to Coos Bay/North Bend anyway to pack me up the next day. I love him so much. What a tropper. He was feeling so crappy.

I spent a bunch of time with Amber and her boys, and said a goodbye to Aedan. I'm going to miss her and the boys a bunch!!! Criminy - I'm trying not to think about missing that place, and my family there and the BFF I am leaving in the woods. Argh. Every cup of coffee makes me think of AmBam.

Goodbye best friend! Goodbye Aedan!

Goodbye woodstove!

And that was that. The whoel trip. We showed up here a week ago and now I'm getting used to being in the new house and with new people and my new life.

It's weird but I like it. It's only weird because there is absolutely nothing faniliar in it - all of my stuff is still en route, packed up and shipping by Mayflower to arrive gosh knows when.

But the hubby's great and the weather is oddly summery. You can forget completely that it's January here.

And the bedroom I live in kicks ass. It's a huge master suite with two sinks, a walk in closet and everything. It certainly makes the transition easier, let me tell you.

In closing let me say that this is the most change-filled portion of my life yet. It's been a wild ride and if I forgot to update anyone along the way, or stay in comm, please forgive. I'm sure I care about you as much as always.

Call me. My sister and my folks all have my data and you can ask them for it if you don't know it.


  1. M Says:

    wow...a wild ride indeed...Aedan is butterball, these r the first pix i've seen...Am hasn't added to her page yet...what happened to the reddish brown hair Zane told me about? looks bald to me...lol...god I hope she and the baby r safe...what a totally FUBAR situation this all was but i know it made me stronger, wary but stronger and I know Am will be the stronger once she can finally escape the suppressive devil boy...i texted her today but idk if she's in a position to be able to respond yet...i know ur kinda far away now but better able to comm until the whole sitch is worked out...just let her know that ppl r still concerned for her and the boys...

  2. desi Says:

    Who are you, M?

  3. M Says:

    along w/ Am i am the other harmed party from this summer. I love reading your insight and b4 Am had contacted me again I didn't know how you'd feel about me reading your blogs, but I started reading them while Am and I were originally talking and they tended to lift my spirits.
    i just didn't want W to see my name on here and it cause probs for Am so i stayed anon.