Update - first piece of my trip

Jan 12, 2008 at 4:56 PM
After a stay at the Heathman in Portland (of which I forgot to take pictures), we spent several days at a convention in Palm Springs.

Here is a batch of pictures of the view from my room.

This is a picture of the convention's stage. On the stage is a man named Patrick, who said he liked me upon being introduced as Michael's fiancee the first night there - very intense person. Apparently he doesn't like anybody, so it was a tremendous compliment. Thank you Patrick.

My new husband's friends and coworkers are all really uptone. I like them a whole ton. In fact, I talked to them so much I forgot to take pictures. However, here is one of Michael with his best friend Coleman.

Here is a picture I took of Michael from way too close up.

And here are pictures of us together sitting there for hours during the convention. I look evil - because my shoes were KILLING me. 5 inch heels are NOT happening again.

After the event, we ate dinner with a bunch of his friends, some whom I knew. That's Bob and Caroline V on the right - old family friends, and their daughter across. In the very back is the Shermanator, their son-in-law - who is coincidentally BFF with Michael.

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  1. Kat Says:

    Your new...husband??? Um... did I miss a wedding here somewhere???