March is so far away

Jan 15, 2008 at 5:01 AM
I just arranged with Steve (twin's dad) to get the girls back a month later than anticipated - in March.


It makes perfect sense, because he has to fly out to LA anyway then, and we don't ship our girls in airplanes without a family member.

But ARGH! It's been FOREVER. AND EVER. And I miss them too much to think about without getting all weepy.

Does anyone else have a split custody thing going on? Split custody is just the worst. I go for ages without seeing them, and the girls always have to be missing someone - every day of their lives they either miss me or their dad. I hate that.

If they can invent a toaster/teapot combo, automatic teabag dipper, and a doggie window someone out there could invent a way to share custody better than this.

I shouldn't complain. Stave and I do this right - we really go the extra mile not to bitch about each other, to pre-plan, to take the time to talk things through and come to agreements, and in spite of all that, it still sucks.

But I'd still rather suck on a dead frog than have to ship my kids off ever again.

1 Responses to March is so far away

  1. Kat Says:

    My Goddaughter Haley has been flying alone since she was 7 & loves it, no problems..... no?

    It hurts me for you!!!