I'll miss these here woods

Jan 2, 2008 at 8:09 PM
Hi - Much going on here. Packing, moving and

My checkout girl Brenda cried and gave me a goodbye hug. Alicia at the bank and Karen at the post office wished me well. Tim at the hardware store said he was happy for me. I had to stay late at the store, so I hung out with Brenda and we gossiped.

I'm going to miss my small town.

Here are things that I love about this place - or that are particularly weird and so deserve a word:

1. The AM Radio dial only gets one station, and when the sun's down, it intermittently bursts with a spanish language station that plays old mariachi songs. Every other second is talk radio, while the intervening seconds are filled with sombrero songs. If you really want the news, you're going to learn a few words in spanish too.

2. The FM dial gets two stations, country and gospel. Sometimes in good weather I get the oldies and rock stations too. That's all there are.

3. Again, as you all know, cell phones don't work here. EVER. Sometimes they don't even work in town. Depends on the carrier.

4. My house is heated by trees, made out of trees, and funded by tree harvesting. We're all aout trees here.

5. To get groceries is an all day ordeal.

6. My water is always cold and fresh and free. Ha ha! Take that, oh, city dwellers.

7. No one could ever steal my wallet here. Everyone in town knows me. There is not a store in town where I'm not known by name.

8. Melissa, my waitress at the B&B, has been rude to me right up until yesterday, when she hugged me and told me she'd miss me.

9. Everyone knows my kids and asks atfer them even though they've been out of sight for a few months now.

10. My neighbors are all either family or friends.

11. I know the phone numbers for most neighbors and half of town.

12. The daffodils come up when it's coldest and harshest here, just to show me that winter's not as bad as I think it is.

13. I haven't walked my dog in two years, and I have no idea when he poops or where he does it. Nor do I care.

14. I can go on walkabout anytime I want.

15. I can shoot things in my front yard. With real guns.

16. I can walk around naked in my front yard. Except it's too cold now.

17. I can walk naked for a few miles if I really want to. No one will see me. But it's stupid, I'd end up with poison oak.

18. I can drink my bath water.

19. I can bathe in the creek.

20. I have a creek.

21. I have a spring.

22. I have a duck pond.

23. I have a chicken house.

24. My yard is bigger than most apartment complexes.

25. Outside my yard is the woods.

26. You wave at all the locals as they drive by, but not the weekend warriors. And you know which is which.

I will definitely miss this place. Sigh. A last farewell to the woods.

Here I go - to LA - to become a city dweller again. And I'd just finally completed the metamorphosis - a slow and painful process in which you eventually shed all miniskirts (they become jeans), heels (they become mudboots), stockings (they become the critically important all-wool socks) and a thousand other small changes.

I waved at someone in passing in LA and they gave me the finger.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    That was so sad, IDK why since I haven't been there or even actually talked to you in person b4 but it's just sad to me. I know you'll be just as happy in LA but I feel like it's a chapter in my life that's ending as well. You probably think I am so weird for saying that but I have really enjoyed your adventures from the woods. You are taking your dog and cat w/ you aren't you? At least I hope. Just keep smiling and waving at the LA ppl, eventually they'll get it and start waving back. Funny about the B&B girl. Wow, you have a lot to do in just a few days, good luck. Take a lot of goodbye pix to post on your page so we all can have one last glorious look at the sweet life. Have Fun!