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Jan 31, 2008 at 12:12 AM
Hey, regardless of what you think of the war - the men and women overseas need proper training so they can come home safe.

Here's the scoop on how to help ensure they get it: Good Military Training for our troops!

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Jan 29, 2008 at 1:55 PM

Argh. You people apparently don't have my affliction.

You see, I can shop casually and calmly for hours. Only picking up what I know I need, casually disregarding the rest.

Until I see Britney crying/partying/exposing herself on the cover of US Magazine.

When I see that, something short circuits and the lights turn off, and I can't keep myself from putting the magazine on the belt with my other, rational goods to buy.

It's like an addiction. Most of the time I'm my usual, brilliant self. But these magazines found the secret key to my shopping impulse when they started putting her on the cover.

I'm so ashamed!

Not the first time!

at 1:38 PM


Jan 24, 2008 at 11:18 AM
This has been verified by the FBI (their link is also included below). Please pass this on to everyone in your email address book.

It is spreading fast so be prepared should you get this call. Most of us take those summonses for jury duty seriously, but enough people skip out on their civic duty, that a new and ominous kind of fraud has surfaced.

The caller claims to be a jury coordinator. If you protest that you never received a summons for jury duty, the scammer asks you for your Social Security number and date of birth so he or she can verify the information and cancel the arrest warrant. Give out any of this information
and bingo; your identity was just stolen.

The fraud has been reported so far in 11 states, including Oklahoma , Illinois , and Colorado . This (swindle) is particularly insidious because they use intimidation over the phone to try to bully
people into giving information by pretending they are with the court system.

The FBI and the federal court system have issued nationwide alerts on their web sites, warning consumers about the fraud.

Read about it at the FBI:
And in Snopes:

Poll results - Ron Paul

Jan 19, 2008 at 8:10 PM
Here are the latest poll results:

Take care of the world

Jan 18, 2008 at 2:06 PM
My new husband, Michael, calls me his "little gun nut" - because I am fiercely pro-2nd amendment. Hell, I'm pro EVERY amendment.

Anyway, I may be the only Libertarian who is both a gun nut and an environmentalist with the same passion.

These issues appear to be antipathetic to eachother, because the Republicans have claimed the gun rights issue and the Democrats have claimed the environment as theirs.

I may be the only person who would join both the NRA and WWF. Does ayone else know someone like me?

I just care about the right to live freely on this planet in any lawful way I choose. That means there needs to be a planet to live on, too.

Anyway, I found the following wonderful explanation (aside from the omission of the fact that the US does NOT do unsustainable forestry anymore - that's all overseas)  of the industrial process and why it doesn't work as it should.

i had some trouble with the buffering and only got half way through. But it's still brilliant.

My Dogs are Barking

Jan 16, 2008 at 11:56 PM
Read this article about the development of a computer program to figure out what dogs are saying (for consumer product research purposes).

Read Reuters Article about it

OK. Here's my comment on this:

If the computer is 43% right about what the dog meant, and people are 40% right about what the dog meant, who's figuring this out?

Can't be valid science if the humans are deciding whether they're right. How do they know that the second idea of what the dog meant was accurate?

It's impossible for a computer to stretch itself to decide whether it was previously right without coming to the original conclusion over again, or else reaching an equally fallible result...

So, what do they do afterward to verify with the dog that YES, that is what he meant? Who interviews the dog? How do they develop accuracy ratings like this?

It's suspect and I wanted the article to cover this is more detail. No such luck.

Personally, in my commline with my dog, I can tell exactly what he's saying all the time.

Barring his teeth and making a sneezing noise means "I want to go play in the yard".
Putting his forearm over my hand when I didn't ask for it means, "I was mad at you but now I forgive you even though you're still wrong."
When I'm in the kitchen, giving me the big doe eyes means he's asking for scraps.
When I'm not in the kitchen, giving me the big doe eyes means he's asking me to go make him a couple slices of bacon or a hot dog.
When he sighs and lays down it means, "Gosh, I'm getting old. That's just not as much fun as it used to be."
When he sighs and puts his head on my foot it means "Gosh, I'm getting old. I'm glad I have Desi to take care of me."
When he turns his head away from me when I talk to him he's saying, "You are saying something I don't like at all. I'm going to not listen so it won't happen."

But I'd never be able to tell my accuracy rating, because I can't ask Tucker if that's what he means.

And unless that program reachs a complexity equal to or greater than what I can intuit myself, I won't want it.

I don't need a computer program to be developed so that I can tell when my dog is barking at strangers or needs to pee. Those are dead obvious on ANY dog.

What we need is for the computer to be able to tell us when our dog misses our ex-boyfriend, and which one. What exact kind of meat we should give them. Whether or not he enjoys humping other males or just gets confused. Whether the guy he chased away was the same one that robbed the house down the street last week.

And that kind of detail probably won't be available for consumer purposes.

If they reached that kind of detail, the G-men would grab that tech up and start using strays to spy on us all.

No need to start looking at niehgboring dogs with suspicion for now, though. Dogs are too much like people. They have too much spirit there. That makes each dog unique. The people working on this will reach some success, but not much. They're probably looking at a race of unique individuals as though they all spoke exactly the same way, as if they were all lemmings, and dogs are unique in the animal kingdom for being, well, unique.

Church of Scientology Officially speaks out

at 7:50 PM
Hi -

Today I read a statement from the Church of Scientology that negates the balderdash you read online better than anything else could.

It was as part of a refutal of a new Tom Cruise Biography. Basically, because this guy used so much of the wacky, slanderous crud that is written online about the church as "facts" for his book, they addressed much that I have been having to wade through and now I am armed against the BS forever.

I cannot thank them enough for this wonderful refutal. As someone who sees the church for what it is, it is great to know I have a statement to refer people to when they make ridiculous claims.

Ref: Refutal of lies about Church of Scientology in Tom Cruise Bio

Shape Shifting Foam

Jan 15, 2008 at 6:56 PM
Here is an articles about shape shifting foam.


Electromagnetic and similar electrical fields already have tremendous untapped military value. Or possibly they're tapping it, beats me. Add to those potentials a metallic reshapeable substance, I see great defensive weapons - possibly the most useful DEFENSIVE weapon since kevlar body armor. A flexible, repositionable shield, depending on the structural integrity and distribution power of the above mentioned material.

I for one am all for better defensive weapons. Less damage is a good thing.

I know it's weird, but possibly another possibility not mentioned in the article is research in the field of psychic manipulation of matter (you know someone probably is working on this - there is a researcher in every field known to man, including teaching rats to play basketball) I would consider this material the ideal candidate for my guinea pigs to work with.

Anything else anyone can see this being useful for?

March is so far away

at 5:01 AM
I just arranged with Steve (twin's dad) to get the girls back a month later than anticipated - in March.


It makes perfect sense, because he has to fly out to LA anyway then, and we don't ship our girls in airplanes without a family member.

But ARGH! It's been FOREVER. AND EVER. And I miss them too much to think about without getting all weepy.

Does anyone else have a split custody thing going on? Split custody is just the worst. I go for ages without seeing them, and the girls always have to be missing someone - every day of their lives they either miss me or their dad. I hate that.

If they can invent a toaster/teapot combo, automatic teabag dipper, and a doggie window someone out there could invent a way to share custody better than this.

I shouldn't complain. Stave and I do this right - we really go the extra mile not to bitch about each other, to pre-plan, to take the time to talk things through and come to agreements, and in spite of all that, it still sucks.

But I'd still rather suck on a dead frog than have to ship my kids off ever again.


Jan 13, 2008 at 1:45 PM I don't believe in them! No such thing!

Google 411

at 11:44 AM
Just in case you didn't know - watch this:

Thanks Lerey for the heads up.

New Movie about Psych drugs and kids

Jan 12, 2008 at 6:49 PM
Hi -

Sorry so many posts at once- I'm taking all my posts for a ewek out of draft mode and so BOOM, lots of post.

Hre's a new movie review about psych drugs and kids and the connection to the drug companies.

And here's a trailer for a movie called Prescription Suicide - which is yet another movie on this subject.

Wake up America.

Update - part five - last chapter

at 6:28 PM
Hi -

OK. So we left CW and came back here for Christmas. I visited my Aunt and we also had Christmas here.

Here is Michael's mother with Katherine and Julie.

Here's Katherine (Katey) - isn't she adorable? A terrifically stubborn child, and who thinks my room is hers, but is really smart and terrifically cute.

Katey's rarely clothed. She runs around bare most of the time. I'm geting used to it. She almost never eats, so most of the time her mom is trying to force food into her with promises, bribes and just plain begging.

Michael got sick on Christmas because a baby of a visiting friend had the flu, and Michael caught it from her. He was sick as a dog for two days.

We flew to Coos Bay/North Bend anyway to pack me up the next day. I love him so much. What a tropper. He was feeling so crappy.

I spent a bunch of time with Amber and her boys, and said a goodbye to Aedan. I'm going to miss her and the boys a bunch!!! Criminy - I'm trying not to think about missing that place, and my family there and the BFF I am leaving in the woods. Argh. Every cup of coffee makes me think of AmBam.

Goodbye best friend! Goodbye Aedan!

Goodbye woodstove!

And that was that. The whoel trip. We showed up here a week ago and now I'm getting used to being in the new house and with new people and my new life.

It's weird but I like it. It's only weird because there is absolutely nothing faniliar in it - all of my stuff is still en route, packed up and shipping by Mayflower to arrive gosh knows when.

But the hubby's great and the weather is oddly summery. You can forget completely that it's January here.

And the bedroom I live in kicks ass. It's a huge master suite with two sinks, a walk in closet and everything. It certainly makes the transition easier, let me tell you.

In closing let me say that this is the most change-filled portion of my life yet. It's been a wild ride and if I forgot to update anyone along the way, or stay in comm, please forgive. I'm sure I care about you as much as always.

Call me. My sister and my folks all have my data and you can ask them for it if you don't know it.

Latest poll answers

at 6:22 PM
What should I do in LA as the first few things I do?

Your answers:
Arts and Theatre exposure 2 (50%)
Shopping the drive 0 (0%)
Dining at high star restaurants 0 (0%)
Sand and Surf exposure 1 (25%)
Bridge actions at the AO 3 (75%)
Party with the new man 3 (75%)
Network, network, network 1 (25%)

Partying with the new man and Bridge actions at the AO won hands down.

OK. Will do.

Thanks, all!

update - part four

at 5:39 PM
For a few days after we got to CW, we were not able to stay at the condo we were originally supposed to becaus ethe key was in the mail and it hadn't gotten there yet - mostly because of our not having been clear about when we'd arrive.

So, we stayed at the Belleview Biltmore, which we thought would be a nice place to stay but NO. Uh UNH.

It was so flipping spooky - I didn't sleep all night. I swear I had someone in my space all night.

These pictures are taken without any camera angle - the hallways actually do skew off to the side like that, and they're endlessly long, and it's just plain creepy, nothing holds still, and the floor tilts.

Supposedly that's the hotel Steven King stayed in before he wrote the shining. If not, it could have been. There was a big fire once upon a time, and it's the oldest inhabited wooden structure in the world.

We agreed not to stay there anymore. So we moved into the La Quinta over near the QI and Lenny's, which was blah but we got a free upgrade to a two room suite because we're so obviously newlyweds. The internet worked and the food was good. There were two separate bathrooms, which was weird because I kept realizing my toothpaste or hairbrush or makeup or whatever was in the other bathroom and having to switch. I didn't take pictures of the La Quinta. Why bother, they are all EXACTLY the same.

I spent nearly every day visiting my sisters, my mom, and hanging out at Kendra's house.

Then the condo key arrived, and we moved over there.

Great view.

Even better view with the twins in it!

And I spend the rest of that time hanging out with my new hubby in a fantastic condo on the water, hot tubbing with the girls, and hanging out with my sisters. Ooh!

Another picture from skating that I forgot before. Yeah, I'm too lazy to update my old post.

Oh yeah, while I was there, a bunch of stuff happened.

Libs and Zane broke up - after Zane stole money. Strange bird, that guy. I love him but he's got to start being himself again. This is getting old.

Grammy hasn't been feeling too good. That started then, too.

And I had an otherwise great time with my sisters and with Michael.

Update - part three

at 5:34 PM
After Vegas, we flew to CW.

We took the girls ice skating.

All these pictures are taken by Michael, who watched and cheered us on, but did not skate. The ice is a lot farther away for him, he says.

update - second part

at 5:08 PM
After Palm Springs, and that convention, I was glad for some alone time. We drove all night until we got to Vegas. We arrived at three in the morning, so the hotel had given our room away.


So, they gave us a Penthouse Suite upgrade for free.

Here's the suite - oooh. Look at that view!


Except Michael doesn't like heights so I had to keep the curtains closed.

Here's the suite with the curtains closed. Still pretty nice.


Anyway, here are some pictures - comments below the pictures.

Here is Michael sitting down in the hotel room, just after I drew the curtains. He looks relieved, doesn't he? Should have seen him a moment before...

I took this picture of us sitting there together because I'm a mushy silly head.

The bar was great and had way more than most complimentary bars in the way of snacks. I loved it. On the bar counter are bags - those are the chochkies I bought for family and friends in the gift shop - silly "I luv LV NV" kind of stuff. Exactly why I did it? I don't know - the bright lights are confusing and stuff.

The bathroom had a bidet. All I'm saying is I never want one of those. They're a hazard. Especially when you're sleepy and it's 4AM and it's dark. It's like having a thoughtless man leaving the lid up all the time.

Fricking HUGE whirlpool tub. Big as a house. Picture doesn't do it justice.

Before we left, I just HAD to take a bunch of pictures of that VIEW from the Penthouse Suite in the New York New York hotel! (Click on it for a larger picture.)

Update - first piece of my trip

at 4:56 PM
After a stay at the Heathman in Portland (of which I forgot to take pictures), we spent several days at a convention in Palm Springs.

Here is a batch of pictures of the view from my room.

This is a picture of the convention's stage. On the stage is a man named Patrick, who said he liked me upon being introduced as Michael's fiancee the first night there - very intense person. Apparently he doesn't like anybody, so it was a tremendous compliment. Thank you Patrick.

My new husband's friends and coworkers are all really uptone. I like them a whole ton. In fact, I talked to them so much I forgot to take pictures. However, here is one of Michael with his best friend Coleman.

Here is a picture I took of Michael from way too close up.

And here are pictures of us together sitting there for hours during the convention. I look evil - because my shoes were KILLING me. 5 inch heels are NOT happening again.

After the event, we ate dinner with a bunch of his friends, some whom I knew. That's Bob and Caroline V on the right - old family friends, and their daughter across. In the very back is the Shermanator, their son-in-law - who is coincidentally BFF with Michael.

LA people show off their digits

at 3:54 PM
Getting settled in. Some crazy freeways here, let me tell you.

It takes JUST as long to get anywhere here as it did when I was in BFE - but at least there I wasn't surrounded by crazy drivers going 80 in bumper to bumper highway traffic.

I noticed another driver in the lane next to me (at a red light) had a headlight blown out. So I made the universal sign to roll down the window, and he gave me the finger.

I accidentally waved at someone, an old habit from living in a close knit wilderness community, and she gave me the finger.

I smiled at a person near me at another red light, whose kid was making faces in the back seat, and he gave me the finger.

Anybody else seeing a theme here?

Tiny Fey is my comedic hero

Jan 4, 2008 at 4:27 PM
Quite possibly the single best parody ever done. I know this has been covered in detail by people, and I know it even disagrees with my politics, although neither party truly represents those of us who like small government anymore. And I know we're all politicked out right now. (And then some.)

But that's not the point. The point is:

Dear sweet holy mother of pancackes, that is a great Palin impression!

Well done, Tina Fey.

Christmas votes

Jan 2, 2008 at 8:38 PM
Out of the 15 of you who voted about Christmas, here's how the votes went:

Q: What is Christmas all about for you personally?
(only one answer allowed)

9 (60%) said FAMILY
4 (26%) said PRESENTS
1 (6%) said CHRIST
1 (6%) said WINTER

Interesting results.

I'll miss these here woods

at 8:09 PM
Hi - Much going on here. Packing, moving and

My checkout girl Brenda cried and gave me a goodbye hug. Alicia at the bank and Karen at the post office wished me well. Tim at the hardware store said he was happy for me. I had to stay late at the store, so I hung out with Brenda and we gossiped.

I'm going to miss my small town.

Here are things that I love about this place - or that are particularly weird and so deserve a word:

1. The AM Radio dial only gets one station, and when the sun's down, it intermittently bursts with a spanish language station that plays old mariachi songs. Every other second is talk radio, while the intervening seconds are filled with sombrero songs. If you really want the news, you're going to learn a few words in spanish too.

2. The FM dial gets two stations, country and gospel. Sometimes in good weather I get the oldies and rock stations too. That's all there are.

3. Again, as you all know, cell phones don't work here. EVER. Sometimes they don't even work in town. Depends on the carrier.

4. My house is heated by trees, made out of trees, and funded by tree harvesting. We're all aout trees here.

5. To get groceries is an all day ordeal.

6. My water is always cold and fresh and free. Ha ha! Take that, oh, city dwellers.

7. No one could ever steal my wallet here. Everyone in town knows me. There is not a store in town where I'm not known by name.

8. Melissa, my waitress at the B&B, has been rude to me right up until yesterday, when she hugged me and told me she'd miss me.

9. Everyone knows my kids and asks atfer them even though they've been out of sight for a few months now.

10. My neighbors are all either family or friends.

11. I know the phone numbers for most neighbors and half of town.

12. The daffodils come up when it's coldest and harshest here, just to show me that winter's not as bad as I think it is.

13. I haven't walked my dog in two years, and I have no idea when he poops or where he does it. Nor do I care.

14. I can go on walkabout anytime I want.

15. I can shoot things in my front yard. With real guns.

16. I can walk around naked in my front yard. Except it's too cold now.

17. I can walk naked for a few miles if I really want to. No one will see me. But it's stupid, I'd end up with poison oak.

18. I can drink my bath water.

19. I can bathe in the creek.

20. I have a creek.

21. I have a spring.

22. I have a duck pond.

23. I have a chicken house.

24. My yard is bigger than most apartment complexes.

25. Outside my yard is the woods.

26. You wave at all the locals as they drive by, but not the weekend warriors. And you know which is which.

I will definitely miss this place. Sigh. A last farewell to the woods.

Here I go - to LA - to become a city dweller again. And I'd just finally completed the metamorphosis - a slow and painful process in which you eventually shed all miniskirts (they become jeans), heels (they become mudboots), stockings (they become the critically important all-wool socks) and a thousand other small changes.

I waved at someone in passing in LA and they gave me the finger.