Dec 22, 2007 at 11:38 AM
Here is a great list of reasons to ban guns. I've never heard a more compelling argument.


I'm in CW right now trying to catch up with work while also on my honeymoon.


I am blissfully happy and very very nauseating to talk to. Michael this and Michael that and he's so great and I love him so much.


My little sister just broke up with Zane, so I'm intensely unhelpful. Al I can do is talk about my great new husband and she's broken hearted. I'm trying SOOOOO hard to be understanding though, because I've BEEN there.


My older sister kicks ass, I love her.


Vegas was amazing. We were upgraded to the Penthouse suite for free. I took a panorama of that place and will post the pictures soon. It was the 44th floor. It would have been dazzling if I'd been able to open the curtains. Michael's not fond of heights. All the more like Pretty Woman, honestly. The hot tub was the size of my car.

Now we're staying in my sister's husband's father's condo in CW. Very posh. Fantastic view. I took a panorama of that as well, and will post after I can get a chance to photoshop it together for you. Spectacular view. Best in CW, and I'm having a blast hanging out with Michael in that condo.


Well, I'm trying to stuff some work into my morning before Michael wakes up. So I'll post another time soon.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    that gun ban article was funny, thnx 4 recommending it. did u tie the knot in Vegas? do u have pix of the ceremony? were ur girls there? it's funny u guys were on 44 w/ him being afraid of heights (i'm so afraid of heights i wouldn't even be able 2 ride in the elevator that high) :] r u guys planning more children? who's taking care of Tucker & ur kitty?

    i feel 4 Libby i knew something must've happened cuz her usually playful mood changed to disappointed and betrayed, she is probably better off & she's so smart, talented & pretty she'll find the right one eventually.

    so congrats again have fun.

  2. Lerey Says:

    I am soooo happy for you guys! It sounds like you really deserve each other. If you can be this happy, there may be hope for me yet! ;)


    P.s. I thought you wrote somewhere what ethics tools you used to handle passed stuff and open up your flows. What were they? RPEC, exchange by dynamics, and was there more?