Ron Paul Musings

Nov 24, 2007 at 12:39 PM
There is an unprecedented ground swell of interest in Ron Paul. Every single person I talk to is absolutely bonanza for Ron Paul. I personally can count on one hand everyone I know who DIDN'T tell me to vote for him, forward me some email about him, point out that they support him or otherwise endorse him. I can't believe the public outcry - and I'm not talking about just on the internet. While I was up in Portland a few weeks ago, there were Ron Paul supporters EVERYWHERE - every street corner, every block there was someone with a Ron Paul plackard or with "Ron Paul 2008" spray-painted on their car. A large group of young people (prob college students) walked up to me to talk to me about how important it was to vote for him.

I don't care whether the media chooses to ignore him or belittle him or not -- the ground swell is palpable. You'd have to be an idiot or closed off from society not to see it.

I don't have any particular feeling toward Paul, so I feel I am better qualified to consider the subject than some people whom I've talked to, who are so full of zeal that I'm not certain they are impartial enough to look at this truthfully.

Here are my thoughts about Ron Paul.

He threatens some very large vested interests by wanting to shut down the huge government cash cow. Name a segment of our society that ISN'T dependent upon government contracts and government funding in some way. You can't. Every one from the dairy farmer to the pharmacist, from the doctor to the teacher has been weened away from self-sufficiency into believing that big government is mandatory to existence. That the mediocre pittance government sends their way is better than the self-obtainable.

Because our big businesses and inflated government are also in this frame of mind, I'm not sure that Ron Paul will gain the support of the large corporations that are usually required in order to obtain a presidency.

As a result of this inequity with his fellow candidates as far as "big money backers" is concerned, the media is largely ignoring him. I see why. No candidate with a lack of "big money" supporters behind him ever won a higher office in this country -- that I know of. The media don't want to back up a candidate that past experience shows won't make it to the top of the heap. Not in recent history has a large ground-swell of support actually won a higher office. They like to choose the person that history shows us will likely win the candidacy and follow him.

This can lead to a "chicken before the egg" debate - does the media affect who is the leader or does the leader affect who the media favors? Who knows... Whether they admit it or not, the media itself certainly feels that they drastically affect the outcome of elections and that they drastically affect the mindset of the average person. They certainly believe themselves to be the chicken. (Or is it the egg?) You can tell by just looking at the smug superiority they exude. Take a look at any news outlet from the view of a person receiving a briefing from a peer and you'll notice yourself taking offense to being talked down to so much, as though you were innately inferior to Joe Announcer.

Yes, Ron Paul is being ignored in the media. No debate. It is terribly evident that the media is ignoring him. So go ahead and make a mental note of everyone who is avoiding talking about him, and in the future, know they're OWNED by someone. And in the future, take a grain of salt with anything that media outlet or personality says. Simple solution - at least personally.

Additionally, the media may be ignoring him because they are inequivocably accountable to the advertiser - which is largely the same group as the companies that Ron Paul is a serious threat to. We're talking about Big Pharma, Big Insurance, car companies, nearly every industry. Possible ALL of them. Just take a look at the advertising in any print media and you'll know exactly whose view you are being fed. That doesn't mean the industries behind that media are naturally evil. It merely means our system of media is flawed.

Ron Paul is a serious threat to the corporations who have lobbied hard for years to make the gains they have. Whether ill-gotten or not doesn't matter to them or to the government that feeds these overgrown companies. Ron Paul is a threat to anyone who's ever sent a lobbyist to DC -- and that is a LOT of money. There is a lot of money investable in killing this guy's campaign.

But, The ONLY way to get Ron Paul into office is going to be if every single person I've seen tell me they support him actually votes, and if all of you IGNORE the media completely, HOLD your ground, especially once the media begins the inevitable oozing of rhetoric designed to instill uncertainty - which they always do - as the pre-election whirlwind hits. I can't think of an election yet where I wasn't told I was an idiot and throwing away my vote by someone in the media. I still voted. Sometimes I did vote for the guy who didn't win, but that's not a loss - it's democracy.

Next year and in the primaries, do not get confused in the ballot box into voting a party line, and do not allow your personal integrity as a voter to be alloyed. There will be a calculated media storm of discussion, specifically aimed at changing your mind about who you want to have become president. Whether you support Ron Paul, Rudy Gulliani, Fred Thompson or WHOEVER, vote for the person you feel you would be most comfortable with running your own home.

You will be told next year that you have only two choices, and you will probably be told you can only choose between one EVIL and another EVIL. That's usually how it goes.

I don't vote based on media, I never have. I vote for the person I feel I would want in my immediate vicinity, and would trust with running my own household. I vote for who I think has the best emotional outlook on life, and whose structure of thinking appears least irrational. I still am not sure who I think that is. I need to do some more research before I walk into the voting booth.

It's so odd to me that we feel, in this country, that there are only two choices. It's totally not true. You can vote for anyone you want. We could have 8 parties. We could have no parties at all, and simply vote for a guy who we think would be a good president. If you want to, you can walk into that voting booth and vote for Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie for higher office. Every election, a growing minority vote in protest for Mickey Mouse, I've heard.

So, technically, even if Ron Paul doesn't make it through the Republican primary, he could still become president, if everyone simply wrote him in who currently supports him.

But let's assume somehow he does make it through the Republican primary - entirely from word of mouth. If Ron Paul does become a presidential candidate for a major party in the elections next year, vote at least to a degree based on your opinion of his choice for vice-president. Because that VP will likely end up holding office as President. Ron Paul is the most unyealding in his viewpoint, and thus most vulnerable to assassination in office of any candidate I've seen in ages. If he does make it to being President, he's going to make our enemies within our own borders into very dangerous entities. Large top-heavy groups with no further funding will go to great extremes to maintain their status quo. Ethics out the window at that point, because maintaining survival as "blah blah big money corp" will matter more to them than the greater purpose of the President's aim in cutting off their funding.

Unless of course he's brilliant enough to come up with an alternate purpose for those bodies, an alternate game to play. I don't see it happening. How do you replace the game of "soaking the taxpayer" with something equally profitable to those major players that depend on it?

If he is assassinated, it will definitely be an inside job. And they'll probably blame it on terrorists and we'll end up back here before we know it, funding an endless war again, and enacting new taxes every which way but down.

Anyway, there's my bleak outlook. Either we all choose to vote for an "approved" candidate, or we will expose the huge ugly giant that is our current system and we rudely poke it with a stick and say "hey - it's time to do your worst".

I like the idea of poking the sleeping giant, myself, but this country probably isn't aware enough for that to occur without negative consequences.

It will be very interesting to see if the people who support Ron Paul right now stay this vigilant, stay this exuberant and determined long enough to see through the consequences of what they want to have happen.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    Very interesting. I never go by the media hype in my voting patterns either, I do my own research on the issues and decide who I think can best represent me. I too still have a lot of research to do before I enter the polls next year but I will assuredly do my homework. I don't know if you remember that old SNL skit from the 70s or 80s where anyone who mentioned presidential assassination was immediatley arrested but I thought of that while reading this blog, hopefully 'Big Brother' is on a break from their usual duties of misreading free speech.

  2. Kat Says:

    This is awesome, Desi. OK if I quote you on my own blog? Been thinking that I want to post about Ron Paul. And you make your points so beautifully.

    My first two thoughts, the first time I saw him speak were: 1
    1) He's brilliant
    2) He's going to get shot.

    Will be interesting, anyway, to see what happens here.

  3. desi Says:

    To Kat: Sure, Kat. Feel free to quote me. Just make sure you include a link to the original. That's standard blog etiquette. You can quote anything I write. Lots of love! Desi

  4. desi Says:

    To Anonymous: I definitely would like to emphatically state that I ABHOR violence and would NEVER either instigate or agree with anyone being killed for any reason aside from self defense.