Oh Brother

Nov 27, 2007 at 9:44 PM
I hear more and more from some rather exciteable people that I know on the subject of a possible agency that listens to everything - a big brother.

"Don't give your credit card number over the phone - you never know who is listening!"

"I don't want to discuss politics over the phone, I hear they're listening."

"I no longer talk about anything important by email, you know they read it all."

"Watch what you say. It could be misunderstood by them."

Oy vey. They. Them.

None of the people talking about the elusive "they" are any danger and neither am I. The only thing I can personally see happening is the fear coming from those who warn.

Here's how I see this.

I believe strongly in the Code of Honor. It can be found on page 11 of The Creation of Human Ability, or through the link I just included. As a voluntary code relating to honor, it cannot be enforced. You choose to follow it or you don't.

I think that honor - specifically points 5, 6, 9, 13 ,14 and 15 - precludes me from worrying about what a higher power might think.

And by higher power, I mean ANY higher power. Because I am striving to create my own life, and my own future, I don't worry about whether God approves of me. Placing any of my life into God's hands is a shirking of my responsibility as given when I was Created. I believe in God, but I also believe that God gave us little direction other than making it clear that we should strive to do our most as ourselves, rather than shrug off even one tiny speck of the responsibility to create and flourish that has been part of existence since the beginning of things.

So, I do what I know is right by my own judgement. I strive not to care if anyone approves of my thoughts, or admires me. That point of honor alone is a powerful and difficult credo to live by. Very rewarding, though, thus far.

So, why would I give the power to shape and alter my thoughts and the speech that that generates, and the actions those thoughts dictate to anyone else? Why would I grant that power to an agency of the government?

So what if there is the possibility that there is someone listening. Someone with the power to punish me for communicating.

I don't think I want to grant to a (possibly mythical) government body a greater power to alter my actions and change the way I choose to act in life, even suppress my thoughts, than I choose to grant to God.

Whether there is a Big Brother listening or not, I will continue to speak what I hold true. The Code of Honor is how I live my life. Period. This means firstly that I am no danger to anyone decent and virtuous, and secondly that I say what I please.

I'm NOT NOT NOT saying that "as long as you're virtuous you have nothing to worry about" - I'm saying that regardless of the danger presented, the only way to really win is to act anyway.

People may try to tell you about some terrible something to watch out for -- all in order to gain something from you. About how terrible that someone over there is (but I'm your friend). The person to watch out for is the person selling you such dark stories. Talk about danger. All the talk of hidden terrible dark vast influence of the big government conspiracy (such as I've heard lately) is terribly damaging to free speech. The only influence that is ever THERE, really, is whatever influence it has when YOU let it influence you.

Any possible conspiracy is not actually the threat. It's allowing yourself to change your actions and close yourself off in order to protect yourself from the hidden influence if some unknown "maybe it's listening, maybe it's not?" organization.

So, how do you handle a supposedly all-capable government body with the foretold power to shut you up that may or may not be listening to everything you say? Should you do as you're being told you ought to and shut your pie hole? Should you change your actions? Close yourself off and cease to be in communication with the world? Should you diminish your own power in order to protect yourself from a possible harm?

Consider what would happen should everyone shut up completely. The agency would have served it's purpose, to act as a hidden influence and diminish our power as a free people.

If there is a big brother - and I personally think it is likely there is, at least the infancy stages of such an agency - the absolutely ONLY way to defeat it is to ignore it and speak freely. If everyone just continues to speak freely, it will be shut down. It loses its power to pervade and alter your actions, which is the only REAL purpose for such a thing.

If such an organization exists its primary mission is not finding radicals and smooshing them. It exists primarily to act as a cow prod to thought. ZAP! Get back into line, you! It is a crude sort of thought police and we've probably had worse in the past. Like all thought police, it only works because we all think it does.

I get conspiracy theories sent by email or myspace or whatever from a large number of the people I know. I want those people to consider this - what empowers you to freely act? You do. There is no influence capable - at least for now - of changing your mind unless you agree it can. There is no hidden influence - and if your integrity is intact there is no influence except YOU. There is no one but YOU who can affect YOU unless you agree to be affected.

Now, I am not delusional -- I know full well that my sphere of influence doesn't really extend much past family and a few friends. I'm a single momma, pushing pixels around and cleaning up all day. I'm no threat to anything. OK? I am not saying that my big grand ideals mean I am big and grand, or even ideal. Just that every single one of us, as Americans, has the basic right to free speech. Just because I'm a little voice doesn't mean I don't try to speak what is true to me.

So I speak freely. I'm not worried. If there is a big brother, yeah, that definitely sucks. I hope it's abolished as the constitutional violation that it really is.

But think about it. What is the worst they could do? Is it remotely possible that any punishment for free speech could be worse than the effects of alloying my affinities? Of not communicating what I feel it is my duty and honor to communicate?

No. I don't think so.

Now if I only had something more interesting to talk about than babies, the woods and how to run a search marketing campaign, I'd be all set.

But, fortunately for the (possibly mythical) agency in question, I'm about as boring as it gets.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I totally agree with you. Just for th record when I mentioned 'big brother' in my last comment about the Ron Paul thing I was absolutely making a joke.