DirecTV customer experience - Verizon experience flashbacks

Nov 7, 2007 at 7:53 PM

1. Verizon accidentally bills be $900 dollars.

2. I work with them for weeks trying to fix it, repeatedly calling in, talking to supervisor's supervisors and getting the run-around for weeks.

3. I complain and bitch to anyone who will listen, including the Verizon Escalations Dept and the FCC.

4. Verizon suddenly corrects their error - applying a credit for that amount to my bill. Funny how all I had to do was complain to the FCC. Geez.

5. I cancel my second line to avoid any such future problem and simplify my phone bill because I want as little as possible to do with Verizon as possible.

6. As a consolation, last Friday, Verizon offers me a great deal - nothing up front, lots of channels, etc, including HBO, no down, no fees for months, on their distribution partner, DirecTV. I accept.

OK, So that's how come...

On Friday, DirecTV calls to confirm an appointment for today.

On Monday, DirecTV calls to confirm installation today.

Today their installation guy comes to set it up (including, oddly, an invitation to smoke herb with him), trains me up on how the box works, and then leaves.

I look at my channels. Looks good, except they forgot HBO. I called in, and they said, oops, our bad, we're adding it on now. No mention of any other problem.

I come out in the living room -- not three hours after installation was complete -- to find error message 726 displayed on the silent empty screen.

I called DirecTV customer service AGAIN (second call and I've had service for maybe 3 hours). They tell me my account went to collections.
Excuse me!? I've been a customer for three hours!
There's nothing they can do, blah blah blah.

Then they transfer me to the "other department" (collections) to resolve this.

I talked to a girl who said, OK, let me try to help you, please hold.

I'm on hold for 15 minutes then the system hangs up on me.

I call back. The system hangs up on me again. And I call back again - guess what? The system hangs up on me again.

I called the original customer service line. She says I can't be helped my them, I have to talk to the collections dept. I asked to be transferred there. She puts me on hold for 5 minutes, then transfers me to collections again.

Juanita in collections manages to cut every communication I have, as does her supervisor, Jonathan, while telling me that I am being held liable for the shut off service from a person who used to live at my address.

I was not the account holder then, I never got to use it. I was not the person who failed to pay that bill. It just happens that this person, when staying at this house, was using this phone line also. The phone line belongs to the landlord (my step-mom and dad), with me having permission to use the account. When I leave, the number will probably stay the same unless the landlord shuts it off.

I asked to talk to the supervisor's supervisor again, and they'll call me within 48 hours.

So, I had DirecTV for three hours before owing a two-year old debt of $409.73 that I never incurred.

I probably have to complain to the FTC and the Attorney General before anything happens on this one.

OK, WHY do companies put people on the phones to customers who have little ability to help them, NO authority to do anything about the problem, less than no interest in resolving the error and zero compassion?

I want Juanita and Jonathan fired so badly. I have never --  not even by Verizon, which is saying something  --  received such rude and unhelpful treatment. All they did was repeat the same statement, talking directly over me.

MA'AM, The house can't have service until the past due balance is paid. (but it's not my b...) MA'AM, We have the right to refuse service to any address, we're a private company, (but it's not right t...) MA'AM. You benefited from the previous installation (no I didn...), and you live there in that house, MA'AM, at that phone number, MA'AM

Have you ever noticed that customer service people say "Ma'am" a lot more once you're flustered or upset and if you try to negate them, they start saying it like they mean "Bitch"?

They don't care that I had nothing to do with that prior installation. They don't seem to get that this was a completely different person than me. Apparently, they're going to leave my service shut off and start billing me the $409.73 for that prior service.

Arhghyuh! I've had it. Tonight I will probably wake up in a cold sweat saying, "i want to talk to your supervisor"! This is really too much. Both companies have lost me as a customer...

Just as SOON as I have anybody else I can go to instead.

(In case you're wondering, I didn't take up the invite from the installation guy. Never have, never will.)


  1. Anonymous Says:

    I completely feel ur frustration. I can not believe that they did that to you, I think that it truly borders on the illegal side of consumer protection laws. i think you should definitely contact the FTC because they have no right to hold you accountable for someone else's delinquency. Good luck to you.

  2. Kat Says:

    That so sucks. I hope you do call the FTC first this time..