A funny thing happened on the way to the nightclub

Oct 22, 2007 at 8:06 PM
Jerry Seinfeld is not a Scientologist, but he's taken some courses. Jerry did the Success Through Communication Course right before he started stand-up, and he said it helped him. That's great.

It is funny that the media has labeled him as a "follower" - a word I find offensive, because Scientology has a ship-full of leaders, and a rare follower. And besides, he's not one. You can do these courses, any of the life improvement courses, regardless. I was once given a study partner of an active Baptist minister while doing a life-improvement course. In fact, that was while I was doing Success Through Communication.

I think it's great that Jerry did a Scientology life-improvement course, and that it helped him.

That's what the life improvement courses are for. Anyone, whether they consider themselves a Scientologist or not, or whether they have any further interest in finding out more or not, can do a life improvement course.

These courses are so good that even seasoned Scientologists sometimes do them for the purpose of aligning related data a bit better.

For instance, I just completed the "How to Be a Successful Parent" Course a few days ago, and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants competent, happy children who contribute and love you.

I'm not surprised that the Communication course helped Jerry. I also have done that course, and I found it very helpful in providing a basis for me to operate within - communication is key to ANY operation, to ANY situation. It doesn't matter what you do. While it's terribly evident that communication is fundamental to a stand-up comic, I think it's also pretty darn important in any other field. Any time you work with other individuals, communication problems become very very big in a hurry.

Loose lips make sink ships but so do tight ones, shy ones, disinterested ones, etc...