Listen to Ron

Sep 2, 2007 at 10:06 PM
You wonder what is happening in your life. You're confused, worried, focused on your past. You are unable to maintain anything in present time that runs you up into a better life.

Or perhaps you're just not as happy as you could be.

Or perhaps there is a person in your life who you have trouble with, who you find to be a difficult effort to handle rather than just a person you can handle.

The basic books of Scientology contain a terrific amount of information, powerful truth that collapses everything it touches that is negative and replaces it with positive -- but only when you apply it. The new basic books make it so much easier to duplicate the information in them that you will definitely have an easier time applying them. Everything I have learned in the last few weeks is intensely easy to apply, and works that much better for my having completely duplicated every single part of that piece of information - from it's root thought through to it's best application. I am able to audit Book 1 now and have done so with ease - no hesitation or difficulty - just a little Book 1 auditing on the fly to solve a particular unease with a particular subject, and I ran it as an assist. It was lovely and fun, and worked for my friend that I applied it to quickly and easily. I had no hesitation because I've completely duplicated the entire subject now and know exactly what works on what and when and how it goes and how to choose which process. It's intensely exciting to know that I am a hatted Dianeticist - which I've never been before.

So you have problems with your present time environment. Ron can totally help you find the data that will fix that. Find out more here. And if you think that's too much for you, add some more to it - become someone who can help others with their situations. It'll work. Surprisingly, the problems in my life are melting away rapidly. I expect them to be completely gone by the end of the month - at this rate.


I am rejuvenated by the new books. I have been studying every day. I'm actually ahead of every other extension course student in the entire Western US right now. I'm on the Advanced Procedures and Axioms book course -- and I have not been skipping past the lectures.

I love this. I wish you would all do it, too. Play this game with me -- it cannot possible harm you, and you have nothing to lose from it. It's cheaper than coffee, and about the best thing you could do for your own best friend -- you.

There is my advice.


Updates: Amber is well -- 7 months now. HUGE. Zane is doing well. The girls just finished the WTH extension course. I just finished Self Analysis. Lerey is in Portland now, and doing well last I heard. Libby just visited for a little more than 24 hours. Lots of news, none of which is appropriate for such a public forum. Call me if you want more data.