Sep 16, 2007 at 9:45 PM
Today, the chimney wouldn't work. The stove was full of wood, kindling and paper and was smoking up a storm. Then you closed the door and nothing happened. The fire went out.

Repeat the whole thing, shut the door, the fire goes out.

Obviously something was blocking up the chimney.

So I took it off, I pulled the whole pipe off and I removed about 6 inches of black soot from the bottom of the pipe, piled up and blocking the whole thing up.


It's working great.

Last week I took my toilet apart, found where it was blocked up, repaired two leaks and put it together again.


I'm awfully proud of myself right now.

Anyway, just thought I'd share.

I had to buy a bigger wrench to get the toilet job finished last week.

I was in town buying the wrench when a man in line behind me said

"You got some work ahead of you, don't ya!"

Would he have said this to another man? I think not. Stupid patronizing prick.

Anyway, that's all I've got to say on that.

My mom once called me up in the middle of the night because the toilet was freaking out. Her words. Anyway, I came over and patched it up and fixed it at 2:00 AM because I can do that.

That's what comes from never having had a man in my life who could fix things very weel. Or at least not better than me.

I swear, the first time a man picks up a wrench in my house and fixes something to the level I've come to expect of myself, I'm gonna fall head over heels.

All the more reason never to hire a plumber and just do it myself.

Or a chimney sweep. All the ones in the movies are butt ugly. Except Dick Van Dyke. But he's really old now, so he's not a prospect anyway.

I've been sitting on my porch with Amber (my best friend) lately lamenting the supremely obvious lack of eligible men here.

But if I keep fixing all my own fix-it stuff, I'm just never gonna get me a fix-it man.

OK, I'm rambling.

Talk to you later.

1 Responses to IDKFA

  1. Kat Says:

    Ooh, watch that "gonna fall head over heels" business. I'm suddenly picturing you cuddled up on your front porch, looking up adoringly at a 6'6 obese plumber wearing jeans 3 inches too low with a hairy ass. He's drinking a Bud. He's wearing a dirty white t shirt that is too small for him and his jeans are tucked in to his boots. He needs a shave and hasn't brushed his teeth yet this week.

    Ok, its weird but its 3am.