Poison oak

Jul 6, 2007 at 2:05 PM
Mandy got poison oak again a few weeks ago. Last year, we got the expensive remedies and I swear those made it worse. She eventually ended up so bad I was about to take her to a hospital whe it cleared up. She inflated liek a ballon, cracking skin on her face and hands.

This year, I wasn't going to let that happen. No moisturizers or oils of any kind were allowed. She washed with cold water and soap. We rubbed it down with alcohol to break down the oil and then we did clay masks. We used the oil-free St Ives Mineral Firming mask. Every day.

There was no comparison, it worked great. I highly recommend it as a fix for poison oak. Of course, I'm no medical expert, but this is what we did:

First we washed her skin, the affected area and the surrounding area carefully with cold water and a real bar of lye-based soap and a terry cloth that was not used again until it was washed in the Washing machine.

Lye soap does not include most bar soaps, liquid soap or soft-pour soaps. JUST lye/fat based bar soaps. I recommend Chandler's Soaps for that.

Then we took a cotton ball and some rubbing alcohol and carefully wiped down each spot of skin INWARD toward the center of the poison oak, replacing the alcohol wipe after each swipe.

Then we put on a mineral clay mask. The skin was pretty dried out but the poison oak went away fast.

The hardest part for Miranda is not scratching her poison oak rash.

She had to drink lots of water, too. After a week of no poison oak reaction, we started using moisturizer again to fix how dried out her skin had gotten.

For once Miranda'a poison oak was kept in check, and we did it with items we already had in the house. No more $40.00 OTC medication.