I love Ron

Jul 8, 2007 at 8:36 PM
"If you think of somebody you hate, you can probably remember a time when you tried to help him or a man like him. Your hatred, actually, is based on the fact that you flopped. You failed you and you failed him. " - L. Ron Hubbard, quoted from Lecture 30 June 1960, Some Aspects of Help

For me, this quote says so much about the nature of human conflict. Think of someone you personally know and hate. At some point, did you try and fail to help them? Pretty awesome, huh?

And this quote sums up how to live life:

"The clue to happiness is being interested in life. People's happiness is as great as they can create it." - L. Ron Hubbard - A New Slant on Life

I aim to live a life that is about helping others, and about being interested in life and in others, rather than being interestING in life and interestING to others.

The thing about L. Ron Hubbard is that I have never, never (never, never) read something by him without recognizing a way to apply it to my life to improve things. And then, when I actually took the data and applied it to my life, things improved. That itself is a shocking and simple fact about Scientology. It works - and it works every time. I have yet to find a piece of it that doesn't personally work for me when applied to my own life, and I have certainly done a lot of applying.

It's not abstract, it's not designed for someone with "greater empathy" or an "open mind" or a more "soulful vision of the world". It doesn't require being humble, castigating oneself, and it doesn't tell you how to communicate with God. I'm totally a "see it and believe it" person, myself, and this fantastic technology for living doesn't require blindfolding myself to any aspect of life. Everything and every concept fits in somewhere.

I just get to have these awesome tools and make myself more and more happy and more and more truly free to be me.

And that is why I personally am a Scientologist. Wow.