Support Gun Rights

Jun 14, 2007 at 7:38 PM
Hi -

These are the links to a bunch of websites that relate to a friend of mine, Naish Piazza, and his Firearms Training Resort. He's a second amendment proponent unlike any other. If you believe in the right to bear arms, I recommend you check out his activities. He gives you a serious bang for your buck, training wise, too.

If you want to do something effective to make it easier for us law abiding citizens to bear our arms, this is where to put your support, too.

I'm posting links to his websites in support of his effective work in gun rights and the second amendment:
Here's all sorts of press coverage about him on the national or international level, too...

Front Sight as a resort is covered in these:

Front Sight in Cybercast News Service, Front Sight in Gun Web, Front Sight in Icon Magazine, Front Sight in The Mail on Sunday Review, Front Sight on BBC News, Front Sight in Financial Times, Front Sight on CNN, Front Sight in Guns & Ammo, Front Sight in Black Belt Magazine, Front Sight in New York Times, Front Sight in US News & World Report, Front Sight in London Times, Front Sight in Financial Times.

Naish himself deserves national and international press as well for his actions (and got it from places like Forbes and the Post):

Ignatius Piazza in El Mercurio, Dr. Ignatius Piazza in Gun World, Ignatius Piazza in Handvapen Guiden, Ignatius Piazza in Small Arms Review, Ignatius Piazza in Times Democrat, Ignatius Piazza in Chicago Tribune, Ignatius Piazza in Fort Worth Star Telegram, Ignatius Piazza in Playboy, Ignatius Piazza in the Washington Post, Ignatius Piazza in the National Enquirer, Ignatius Piazza in Forbes Magazine, Ignatius Piazza on Reform America, Ignatius Piazza on World Net Daily.

And of course, he's gonna be in his local news (CA and NV) as well with all that attention. For instance: Front Sight in the Pajaronian Register, Front Sight in El Pais Seminal, Front Sight in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Front Sight in the Sierra Times, Ignatius Piazza in Las Vegas Sun, Ignatius Piazza in San Francisco Chronicle, Ignatius Piazza in Las Vegas Life, Ignatius Piazza in Las Vegas Mercury.

The first amazing thing I found out about Naish is his policy about the media. Often, gun rights activists will shy away from reporters (who tend to be quite a liberal lot). Naish, on the other hand. is totally willing to talk to a reporter or member of the press -- just as soon as they've attended a firearms training course.