My kids are wonderful

Jun 18, 2007 at 12:00 AM
My daughters woke up early a few days ago to surprise me. When I woke up, I heard, "Mommy, Mommy, wake up. We, my sister and I, made you coffee. Wake up, please."

So I did. I tried the coffee, and it was ghastly and quite weak, but I was too tired to notice. So I thanked my little snookie-sweethearts for making me such a sweet gift of coffee and I wandered into the kitchen. The kitchen is where I wander to when I'm waking up or asleep - if you ever lose me in a mansion at night, check the kitchen.

Anyway, I tasted my coffee newly in the kitchen. It was very weak, so I couldn't really tell what was going on, but it was also definitely not quite right. The coffee bag - the one I just bought from Safeway wasn't sitting on the counter. When I looked, it was still fresh and unopened in the pantry.

I looked at the coffee maker for a clue. Nope. What about the coffee holder beside it? The whole coffee holder was filled with freshly ground coffee of remarkably varying consistencies. Some was ground to a fine powder and some of it was still big pieces of coffee bean. I leaned over to smell it closely because it wasn't what I thought the new coffee I'd just bought should smell like. It smelled terrible, and it was very dark. I buy medium bodied roasts, so I was surprised to see the coffee was so black.

So, I asked what had gotten ground up and was pointed to the old cupboard. It was a bag of decaf that had been handed down when someone left here - probably 4 years old. Could be older.

Oh well! I thanked my kids and took the newly ground up decaf out of the ceramic coffee holder and stuck it into an old yogurt container instead. I took a magic marker and wrote DECAF on it in big letters. I then tucked it back away in a cupboard.

I then proceded to quietly replace the coffee grounds in the coffee maker with the new bagged coffee from Safeway.

Hopefully the next person who lives here likes decaf.