I'm back from vacation

Jun 14, 2007 at 7:48 PM
Hi -

I came back from vacation. New and interesting things that have happened?

1. I played James Bond in the dead of night in order to help out a friend. Dont' ask if you don't know. But it was exhilarating.

2. I spent late nights talking and staying up with my little sister Liberty who is nocturnal right now. As are all her friends. I think that's why.

3. I worked - yes, I am that silly as to work while I'm on vacation. I worked plenty, actually almost getting as much done as I usually do, although I don't know how. I think it comes down to high speeed internet as opposed to whatever the hell I've got now.

4. I Went to Jacksonville to visit Ambam. Drove, spent a day there and drove back which was EXHAUSTING. Visiting was great. I wish I could see her all the time, but our lives are not like that. Sigh.

5. I visited my other sister and went out with her to a tanning salon. At the tanning place, I bought those ridiculous little hot-pink eye covers for while you're tanning. I may never use them, but my daughter Miranda has been having a blast pretending to be a pirate with one of them. Very cute. She calls herself "Eye, Matey!" and walks around holding her finger like a hook and trying to say "Argh" but mostly just giggling. She's a great pirate in my book.

6. I ran over an armadillo and it made a popping noise, skidded to the right and I thought it was dead. Then it got up and walked away like nothing had happened. Wow! The power of having built in armor. I'll never underestimate it again, even if I cannot duplicate it.

7. Two nights ago, (I've been back home for a bit now) a bobcat or some other small wildcat and a skunk had a fight in my front yard. It was crazy. I started yelling and throwing stuff and flipping out. (I found out that my dog is extremely loyal, though. He was going to get involved in the fight when I called to him and he paid attention - he came straight back in the house.) The downside of all this is that now my front yard smells like a skunk's behind. Uch!

8. I went and visited everyone (except Liz) in Portland while I was there. But seeing as Liz just visited the ranch right before that, I guess we're OK. I hope she comes back soon.

9. I have a boyfriend, named Loré or Lerey depending on whether you're Liberty or not (pronounced Luh-RAY either way). He's nice. More about him later as things progress. If you want more data call me.

10. The girls are out of school now, so I'm testing a run at home schooling them. Should be fun. Just waiting on the materials to arrive from my Mom (she used to be Headmistress of a school that got absorbed into another school -- so basically she has lots of schoolish stuff laying around).

11. I'm catching up on all of my old blog posts, so you're getting everything at once. Terribly sorry. But that's how it is when you come back from vacation.