Carmic Hayday

Jun 28, 2007 at 12:24 AM
Those of you that can spell can tell I made two errors in the title. They are purposeful.

Yesterday my dad gave me a ride into town so I could pick up my car and drive it home at about but it was broken. About 5:45, dad showed up after catching on to my not having gotten home safely with the car. He drove us home.

Today, I was in town, so I gave Josh a ride to go help Marie and Dad with loading up the truck and the haycart with hay. They were in the Wiley's pasture. It has been a hay farm run by the same family since 1846 - it is smack in between us and town, in the winter lakes where the hay is grown.

I asked if they needed me and they said nope.

Well, then at 5:45, dad calls me and tell me I need to come give his car a jump.

They took the pickup out to the very last spot to get hay before heading home and had it all loaded up with hay - except the last few bales - and then the old pickup stalled.

I rushed - I managed to get all the way there in about 17 minutes, which is quite a task from my house.

I had to drive my little Subaru out to the very far edge of the Wiley's back back back field (no road, but the pasture's not too bumpy - enough to worry about loose bolts but not damage.) There I found Marie waving me down. We started up the truck and I stayed for a bit to make sure they were OK.

Then I headed home and they headed off to unload the hay into the barn.

It took up just about the same amount of gas and time as Dad helping me yesterday. It felt like a nice full circle of helping out cause of non-working vehicles.

By the way, I don't know how many of you know this, but I love my dad very dearly. I think he's wonderful. He's always got pearls of wisdom to throw at me. He's full of strange information I never knew, like that steamrollers often get their weight from being filled with water, and that salt melts slugs and that green bananas aren't ripe yet (three pearls from over the years).

I love Marie, too, now. She has added a whole new set of wisdom pearls to the mix, like which plants on the ranch are edible and which to avoid (my advice: stay away from the poison oak), about how to best ride bareback and that soap and vinegar are a great way to wash your hair. She complements dad well, they fit together well and conversations with the two of them are always better for having both of them there to talk to.

If it wasn't for Dad and Marie, I don't think I'd be able to hack living in the woods like this.

So, I rush out to help them when they need it. They do the same for me.