Twitter is down

Jun 28, 2007 at 4:24 AM

Twitter has been down for at least an hour now. Here's the message on their home page.

Any attempt to read twittering or post via twitbin reaches the following URL:


Note from later - I'm moving my twitter thingee here - I'm so over that phase:

Carmic Hayday

at 12:24 AM
Those of you that can spell can tell I made two errors in the title. They are purposeful.

Yesterday my dad gave me a ride into town so I could pick up my car and drive it home at about but it was broken. About 5:45, dad showed up after catching on to my not having gotten home safely with the car. He drove us home.

Today, I was in town, so I gave Josh a ride to go help Marie and Dad with loading up the truck and the haycart with hay. They were in the Wiley's pasture. It has been a hay farm run by the same family since 1846 - it is smack in between us and town, in the winter lakes where the hay is grown.

I asked if they needed me and they said nope.

Well, then at 5:45, dad calls me and tell me I need to come give his car a jump.

They took the pickup out to the very last spot to get hay before heading home and had it all loaded up with hay - except the last few bales - and then the old pickup stalled.

I rushed - I managed to get all the way there in about 17 minutes, which is quite a task from my house.

I had to drive my little Subaru out to the very far edge of the Wiley's back back back field (no road, but the pasture's not too bumpy - enough to worry about loose bolts but not damage.) There I found Marie waving me down. We started up the truck and I stayed for a bit to make sure they were OK.

Then I headed home and they headed off to unload the hay into the barn.

It took up just about the same amount of gas and time as Dad helping me yesterday. It felt like a nice full circle of helping out cause of non-working vehicles.

By the way, I don't know how many of you know this, but I love my dad very dearly. I think he's wonderful. He's always got pearls of wisdom to throw at me. He's full of strange information I never knew, like that steamrollers often get their weight from being filled with water, and that salt melts slugs and that green bananas aren't ripe yet (three pearls from over the years).

I love Marie, too, now. She has added a whole new set of wisdom pearls to the mix, like which plants on the ranch are edible and which to avoid (my advice: stay away from the poison oak), about how to best ride bareback and that soap and vinegar are a great way to wash your hair. She complements dad well, they fit together well and conversations with the two of them are always better for having both of them there to talk to.

If it wasn't for Dad and Marie, I don't think I'd be able to hack living in the woods like this.

So, I rush out to help them when they need it. They do the same for me.

Just joined Twitter

Jun 26, 2007 at 4:36 PM
Beautiful day. I can't believe how pretty it is outside.

I just invited about half of you to my twitter friends. If you already have a twitter account, please email it to me and I'll add you to my twitter friends.

You can see my Twitter info off in the left hand sidebar here on my blog.

Also, remind me I need to blog about:

  • the road
  • the boyfriend
  • the car
  • the poison oak
  • the tent

Ciao for now.

Baby Basketball

Jun 19, 2007 at 4:59 PM
This is so funny.

My kids are wonderful

Jun 18, 2007 at 12:00 AM
My daughters woke up early a few days ago to surprise me. When I woke up, I heard, "Mommy, Mommy, wake up. We, my sister and I, made you coffee. Wake up, please."

So I did. I tried the coffee, and it was ghastly and quite weak, but I was too tired to notice. So I thanked my little snookie-sweethearts for making me such a sweet gift of coffee and I wandered into the kitchen. The kitchen is where I wander to when I'm waking up or asleep - if you ever lose me in a mansion at night, check the kitchen.

Anyway, I tasted my coffee newly in the kitchen. It was very weak, so I couldn't really tell what was going on, but it was also definitely not quite right. The coffee bag - the one I just bought from Safeway wasn't sitting on the counter. When I looked, it was still fresh and unopened in the pantry.

I looked at the coffee maker for a clue. Nope. What about the coffee holder beside it? The whole coffee holder was filled with freshly ground coffee of remarkably varying consistencies. Some was ground to a fine powder and some of it was still big pieces of coffee bean. I leaned over to smell it closely because it wasn't what I thought the new coffee I'd just bought should smell like. It smelled terrible, and it was very dark. I buy medium bodied roasts, so I was surprised to see the coffee was so black.

So, I asked what had gotten ground up and was pointed to the old cupboard. It was a bag of decaf that had been handed down when someone left here - probably 4 years old. Could be older.

Oh well! I thanked my kids and took the newly ground up decaf out of the ceramic coffee holder and stuck it into an old yogurt container instead. I took a magic marker and wrote DECAF on it in big letters. I then tucked it back away in a cupboard.

I then proceded to quietly replace the coffee grounds in the coffee maker with the new bagged coffee from Safeway.

Hopefully the next person who lives here likes decaf.

I'm back from vacation

Jun 14, 2007 at 7:48 PM
Hi -

I came back from vacation. New and interesting things that have happened?

1. I played James Bond in the dead of night in order to help out a friend. Dont' ask if you don't know. But it was exhilarating.

2. I spent late nights talking and staying up with my little sister Liberty who is nocturnal right now. As are all her friends. I think that's why.

3. I worked - yes, I am that silly as to work while I'm on vacation. I worked plenty, actually almost getting as much done as I usually do, although I don't know how. I think it comes down to high speeed internet as opposed to whatever the hell I've got now.

4. I Went to Jacksonville to visit Ambam. Drove, spent a day there and drove back which was EXHAUSTING. Visiting was great. I wish I could see her all the time, but our lives are not like that. Sigh.

5. I visited my other sister and went out with her to a tanning salon. At the tanning place, I bought those ridiculous little hot-pink eye covers for while you're tanning. I may never use them, but my daughter Miranda has been having a blast pretending to be a pirate with one of them. Very cute. She calls herself "Eye, Matey!" and walks around holding her finger like a hook and trying to say "Argh" but mostly just giggling. She's a great pirate in my book.

6. I ran over an armadillo and it made a popping noise, skidded to the right and I thought it was dead. Then it got up and walked away like nothing had happened. Wow! The power of having built in armor. I'll never underestimate it again, even if I cannot duplicate it.

7. Two nights ago, (I've been back home for a bit now) a bobcat or some other small wildcat and a skunk had a fight in my front yard. It was crazy. I started yelling and throwing stuff and flipping out. (I found out that my dog is extremely loyal, though. He was going to get involved in the fight when I called to him and he paid attention - he came straight back in the house.) The downside of all this is that now my front yard smells like a skunk's behind. Uch!

8. I went and visited everyone (except Liz) in Portland while I was there. But seeing as Liz just visited the ranch right before that, I guess we're OK. I hope she comes back soon.

9. I have a boyfriend, named Loré or Lerey depending on whether you're Liberty or not (pronounced Luh-RAY either way). He's nice. More about him later as things progress. If you want more data call me.

10. The girls are out of school now, so I'm testing a run at home schooling them. Should be fun. Just waiting on the materials to arrive from my Mom (she used to be Headmistress of a school that got absorbed into another school -- so basically she has lots of schoolish stuff laying around).

11. I'm catching up on all of my old blog posts, so you're getting everything at once. Terribly sorry. But that's how it is when you come back from vacation.

Support Gun Rights

at 7:38 PM
Hi -

These are the links to a bunch of websites that relate to a friend of mine, Naish Piazza, and his Firearms Training Resort. He's a second amendment proponent unlike any other. If you believe in the right to bear arms, I recommend you check out his activities. He gives you a serious bang for your buck, training wise, too.

If you want to do something effective to make it easier for us law abiding citizens to bear our arms, this is where to put your support, too.

I'm posting links to his websites in support of his effective work in gun rights and the second amendment:
Here's all sorts of press coverage about him on the national or international level, too...

Front Sight as a resort is covered in these:

Front Sight in Cybercast News Service, Front Sight in Gun Web, Front Sight in Icon Magazine, Front Sight in The Mail on Sunday Review, Front Sight on BBC News, Front Sight in Financial Times, Front Sight on CNN, Front Sight in Guns & Ammo, Front Sight in Black Belt Magazine, Front Sight in New York Times, Front Sight in US News & World Report, Front Sight in London Times, Front Sight in Financial Times.

Naish himself deserves national and international press as well for his actions (and got it from places like Forbes and the Post):

Ignatius Piazza in El Mercurio, Dr. Ignatius Piazza in Gun World, Ignatius Piazza in Handvapen Guiden, Ignatius Piazza in Small Arms Review, Ignatius Piazza in Times Democrat, Ignatius Piazza in Chicago Tribune, Ignatius Piazza in Fort Worth Star Telegram, Ignatius Piazza in Playboy, Ignatius Piazza in the Washington Post, Ignatius Piazza in the National Enquirer, Ignatius Piazza in Forbes Magazine, Ignatius Piazza on Reform America, Ignatius Piazza on World Net Daily.

And of course, he's gonna be in his local news (CA and NV) as well with all that attention. For instance: Front Sight in the Pajaronian Register, Front Sight in El Pais Seminal, Front Sight in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Front Sight in the Sierra Times, Ignatius Piazza in Las Vegas Sun, Ignatius Piazza in San Francisco Chronicle, Ignatius Piazza in Las Vegas Life, Ignatius Piazza in Las Vegas Mercury.

The first amazing thing I found out about Naish is his policy about the media. Often, gun rights activists will shy away from reporters (who tend to be quite a liberal lot). Naish, on the other hand. is totally willing to talk to a reporter or member of the press -- just as soon as they've attended a firearms training course.


at 7:33 PM

I'm presently amazingly pissed off at blogger for deciding my blog is a SPAM blog. Probably because I posted some grass roots emails I got. But it BEATS ME!

Basically, they took my blog away from me, and now I have to wait until someone "reviews" my blog to see if it is SPAM. How uncool.

UPDATE: I posted this after I got my blog back from blogger hell, so someone realized it was a mistake. Thank you blogger. I will return the title of my blog to a more reasonable title.