Psychiatrist Molestation

Apr 8, 2007 at 5:35 PM
Guys, spread the word about this. This happens way more often than you'd think.

The irrefutable proof that psychiatry is BS is this to me:

If psychs understand how the mind works so well, how come they can't recognize evil among themselves? How come they can't recognize and handle any of their OWN insanities?

It's so bleeding obvious that they are only in it for the exploitation, power, money, influence, greed, pride. You name it.

Read this article in the LA Times about a Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Psychiatrist -- arrested on 14 counts of Child Molestation with numerous victims that have come forward.

This man is a perfect example of what psychiatry IS, what is does when you stop hearing the catchphrases and propaganda. Once they disappear into their offices with their patients, this is what happens more often than the world realizes. This man is NOT the exception, but an example of what lies at the crux of it. Knowingly hidden at the core of the psychiatric elite -- of which this man was a prized member -- is more evil than is housed in any of their own asylums.

The proof of this is that if they stopped bribing the media with scads of advertising dollars (I've heard it's actually more than ANY other field), and if they stopped bribing the government with billions in contributions and blackmailing by weilding their considerable leverage at them, they would not exist. It is a top-heavy, unsustainable pseudo-science.

People know, at their heart, that psychiatry does not work, that it is evil. They could never exist on the funds generated by willing patients. Instead, they have to coerce and convince families to send them away. They have to find them when they are young enough to be supple and bend to their will. They find the cowed and the weak, and then the psychiatrist chooses to exploit that rather than help.


I think that the simple fact that they could not exist without bribing and coercing and blackmailing and using leverage tells you that the technology behind it CANNOT work. It must not work, to require all that outside support to continue to exist.

If it worked, don't you think we'd all be rushing to use it to be our very sanest?

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  1. Lerey Says:

    Bravo! Bravo! You have hit the proverbial nail on the head. There is next to noone who would willingly pay for Psychiatric "care" or "treatment". If it wasn't for the media and governent support it would have long since faded. And even with their support it cannot last much longer. People do innately know that Psychiatry is wrong.

    Keep up the excellent writing,