Artistry and Cogency

Apr 16, 2007 at 2:21 PM
There is a common belief that to be a good artist requires being a bit insane, a bit hyperemotional, a bit of an impulsive driven free thinking oddball, etc. - some variation on that theme is a pretty constant consideration.

However, I have the opposite belief. (I think that people who form this belief have shut themselves down to a greater or lesser degree.)

I believe that artists are by their very nature more capable of communication, more broadly willing to view the world, more perceptive and more alive than those who view them as wild or insane.

An artist by nature has a great deal of power over people. But that power is of course not the goal, but a natural side effect.

Artists have open flows and open communication; and that openness is the weapon that evil uses against art.

An artist, by being capable of effective, broadly understandable communication, is a dangerous commodity to those who would control others for their own gain. An able artist is difficult to control. So they work to make them unable.

As a result, many artists ARE driven to insanity. But I truly believe there's not a one that wasn't pushed there.

It's not, however, a predisposition, but a result of being noticed as powerful. The more evil among us took note and... SPLAT.

But it is because of the power an artist holds by simply being capable of a higher echelon of communication.

Art is a manifest form of intelligence. Art, to work, requires cogency. Art is a sane thing by nature. Making art is an intelligent, cogent, and very real way to cause an effect upon the world. That causation is - in and of itself - beautiful and worthwhile. As such, it is NOT possible to be caused to mental derangement - a common psych theory. It is not possible that it is caused by incorrectly snapping neurons or the use of psychotropic drugs.

Yes, those things can influence the form of the art, but they do not cause it. That is a lie.

Hey, artist!

Don't you ever let anyone tell you that art is something that is manifested by an insane or incapable or deviant mind. As an artist, you are simply still alive as a spiritual being to a greater degree than those who've lost their artistry.

Go do art!

Art is an echo of our native truth. It is a renewable resource that comes from the soul. A reverberation against the spirit, harmonizing and expressing that which is otherwise usually unseen, unfelt. Art is more valuable than any other possible communication because it can cause a harmonization in others, by which I don't mean a slight shimmy, but a loud "GONG" - a blast against the soul, shaking away the dust from our endless selves. Be it paint, mud, ink, or pixel - your art is valuable to more than just you. Your art has value, and that alone proves it is not formed by insanity.

Because the artist is dangerous to anyone wishing to force their viewpoint on others, artists are often squashed down by their environments, led to believe their minds are tainted or that they should be insane.

I don't agree.

If you're an artist, look around you. If you're trying to make something uplifting but having trouble (or can't seem to create something good and decent without being hit for it), LOOK AROUND YOU. Really look. Somewhere, you've probably got an influence in your life that says you're insane or incapable or that your art is somehow a crime.

Don't you believe it.

Go produce those amazing works of art. Go make the world see what you mean. There is nothing to be afraid of but your own misgivings. And those are, luckily, something you can easily handle.

Every artist is capable of a masterpiece - I truly believe it. All it takes is removing the agreement YOU have decided to have with the lies of oppression.

It is a matter of viewpoint. Change it and you win.


  1. Kat Says:

    LOVE it!

  2. Lerey Says:

    Bravo! I don't think you could have worded it better. The way you use your words to inspire is amazing. This gave me goosebumps... ;)