April Foolishness

Apr 3, 2007 at 2:57 AM
I am NOT a practical joker. But I played one once.

My company had two unmarked bathrooms on opposite ends of a single wall. The girls hated sharing with the boys, but the men vastly outnumbered us girls, and we were just not enough gals to get a bathroom to be set aside entirely for us.

But it had been brought up at staff meetings twice in the month of March, so I bought two women's bathrooms signs from Home Depot - (you know, the utilitarian ones. I even got a handicapped version for the bathroom with access) and came in early on April Fools.

I placed the signs on the bathroom doors. Both doors.

Whichever bathroom a man walked up to all day long, he said "Oh! Look." and then walked to the other, and then said "Oh! Hey Wait" and sometimes repeated the walking to the other end of the room.


Everybody who worked near there was laughing all day as slowly but surely every person in the office got pranked.

OK. So it's not the most amazing prank ever. I thought it was fab but unless you've spent five years with a grudge for having to use the same John as all the men do, it probably doesn't seem as funny.

But here are the pranks that really ARE the most amazing April Fool's Pranks ever.