Right now, Stephen Hawking is flying like a bird

Apr 26, 2007 at 4:23 PM
There is something both uber-creepy and supremely poetic about imagining Stephen Hawking soaring above us, falling majestically toward the earth in free fall, finally experiencing a relief from the obviously crushing weight of his paralysis.

He's up there RIGHT NOW, today. He's the very first disabled person put through the rigors of this kind of free-fall flight. It's historic, but intensely unimportant.

I wonder if - through the paralysis - he can even feel weightlessness?

I wonder if the shock of free-fall is killing him as I write this?

I suppose we'll find out when he comes back.

Natural Health - FDA Infringement

Apr 17, 2007 at 12:22 PM
I apologize for posting the letter from Rima Laibow. I've just been informed by sources I trust that it's totally bogus. As such, I've taken down the post and recommend that anyone who hears of Rima Laibow double check their facts. (Like I should have done).

Artistry and Cogency

Apr 16, 2007 at 2:21 PM
There is a common belief that to be a good artist requires being a bit insane, a bit hyperemotional, a bit of an impulsive driven free thinking oddball, etc. - some variation on that theme is a pretty constant consideration.

However, I have the opposite belief. (I think that people who form this belief have shut themselves down to a greater or lesser degree.)

I believe that artists are by their very nature more capable of communication, more broadly willing to view the world, more perceptive and more alive than those who view them as wild or insane.

An artist by nature has a great deal of power over people. But that power is of course not the goal, but a natural side effect.

Artists have open flows and open communication; and that openness is the weapon that evil uses against art.

An artist, by being capable of effective, broadly understandable communication, is a dangerous commodity to those who would control others for their own gain. An able artist is difficult to control. So they work to make them unable.

As a result, many artists ARE driven to insanity. But I truly believe there's not a one that wasn't pushed there.

It's not, however, a predisposition, but a result of being noticed as powerful. The more evil among us took note and... SPLAT.

But it is because of the power an artist holds by simply being capable of a higher echelon of communication.

Art is a manifest form of intelligence. Art, to work, requires cogency. Art is a sane thing by nature. Making art is an intelligent, cogent, and very real way to cause an effect upon the world. That causation is - in and of itself - beautiful and worthwhile. As such, it is NOT possible to be caused to mental derangement - a common psych theory. It is not possible that it is caused by incorrectly snapping neurons or the use of psychotropic drugs.

Yes, those things can influence the form of the art, but they do not cause it. That is a lie.

Hey, artist!

Don't you ever let anyone tell you that art is something that is manifested by an insane or incapable or deviant mind. As an artist, you are simply still alive as a spiritual being to a greater degree than those who've lost their artistry.

Go do art!

Art is an echo of our native truth. It is a renewable resource that comes from the soul. A reverberation against the spirit, harmonizing and expressing that which is otherwise usually unseen, unfelt. Art is more valuable than any other possible communication because it can cause a harmonization in others, by which I don't mean a slight shimmy, but a loud "GONG" - a blast against the soul, shaking away the dust from our endless selves. Be it paint, mud, ink, or pixel - your art is valuable to more than just you. Your art has value, and that alone proves it is not formed by insanity.

Because the artist is dangerous to anyone wishing to force their viewpoint on others, artists are often squashed down by their environments, led to believe their minds are tainted or that they should be insane.

I don't agree.

If you're an artist, look around you. If you're trying to make something uplifting but having trouble (or can't seem to create something good and decent without being hit for it), LOOK AROUND YOU. Really look. Somewhere, you've probably got an influence in your life that says you're insane or incapable or that your art is somehow a crime.

Don't you believe it.

Go produce those amazing works of art. Go make the world see what you mean. There is nothing to be afraid of but your own misgivings. And those are, luckily, something you can easily handle.

Every artist is capable of a masterpiece - I truly believe it. All it takes is removing the agreement YOU have decided to have with the lies of oppression.

It is a matter of viewpoint. Change it and you win.

breaching the void

at 2:01 PM
iSOS is a favorite. In my line of work, it's purely comical to see the various spoofs on the many many scams I regularly push against.

iSOS recently developed an interface with the beyond. Check out the rest of their blog while you're at it. The "Hall of Fame" lined up in the right-hand column are awesome, especially if you're a member of the core of professionals working as internet specialists - as I am.


Apr 14, 2007 at 1:19 PM
Here is what Teddy Roosevelt said about immigration:

In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag... We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language... and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.

OK That's what Teddy thought. (Now that you've read it, please stop emailing it to me.) What I think about the immigration issue is this: simplicity is in order.

When someone is HERE - unless they are visiting - they are an American. Immigration papers are labels. Labels are nothing more than complexity added to what IS.

A newly arrived person wants to raise a family, joins the American consumer base, joins in on 4th of July activities, works a job AND IS ALREADY an American. In the VAST majority of cases.

We had a huge influx a little over a hundred years ago and at that time, decided to put order into that chaos. Instead, our lovely trusty government added huge heaping masses of complexity, bias and slows -- and every new immigration bill adds MORE complexity rather than making it easier. This complexity is all that allows the criminal element from other countries to exploit the immigration system.

That is the truth, the government needs to stop labeling people incorrectly and get it right. You're an American as soon as you set your sights on living here and want to contribute.

OCD and ADD are harmful false labels

at 1:46 AM
Savage Nation host talks about labeling kids

Universe Scale

Apr 13, 2007 at 10:24 PM
Here is a rather grandiose but very fun explanation of the measurements of the universe and the comparable scales, all tied together.

Listen to the intro, then start clicking around in it. It's no good unless you explore.

Psychiatrist Molestation

Apr 8, 2007 at 5:35 PM
Guys, spread the word about this. This happens way more often than you'd think.

The irrefutable proof that psychiatry is BS is this to me:

If psychs understand how the mind works so well, how come they can't recognize evil among themselves? How come they can't recognize and handle any of their OWN insanities?

It's so bleeding obvious that they are only in it for the exploitation, power, money, influence, greed, pride. You name it.

Read this article in the LA Times about a Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Psychiatrist -- arrested on 14 counts of Child Molestation with numerous victims that have come forward.

This man is a perfect example of what psychiatry IS, what is does when you stop hearing the catchphrases and propaganda. Once they disappear into their offices with their patients, this is what happens more often than the world realizes. This man is NOT the exception, but an example of what lies at the crux of it. Knowingly hidden at the core of the psychiatric elite -- of which this man was a prized member -- is more evil than is housed in any of their own asylums.

The proof of this is that if they stopped bribing the media with scads of advertising dollars (I've heard it's actually more than ANY other field), and if they stopped bribing the government with billions in contributions and blackmailing by weilding their considerable leverage at them, they would not exist. It is a top-heavy, unsustainable pseudo-science.

People know, at their heart, that psychiatry does not work, that it is evil. They could never exist on the funds generated by willing patients. Instead, they have to coerce and convince families to send them away. They have to find them when they are young enough to be supple and bend to their will. They find the cowed and the weak, and then the psychiatrist chooses to exploit that rather than help.


I think that the simple fact that they could not exist without bribing and coercing and blackmailing and using leverage tells you that the technology behind it CANNOT work. It must not work, to require all that outside support to continue to exist.

If it worked, don't you think we'd all be rushing to use it to be our very sanest?

Soulfound - the band

Apr 3, 2007 at 2:20 PM
Friends of mine - new video of "Under this Silent Spell" - a song from their latest album.

April Foolishness

at 2:57 AM
I am NOT a practical joker. But I played one once.

My company had two unmarked bathrooms on opposite ends of a single wall. The girls hated sharing with the boys, but the men vastly outnumbered us girls, and we were just not enough gals to get a bathroom to be set aside entirely for us.

But it had been brought up at staff meetings twice in the month of March, so I bought two women's bathrooms signs from Home Depot - (you know, the utilitarian ones. I even got a handicapped version for the bathroom with access) and came in early on April Fools.

I placed the signs on the bathroom doors. Both doors.

Whichever bathroom a man walked up to all day long, he said "Oh! Look." and then walked to the other, and then said "Oh! Hey Wait" and sometimes repeated the walking to the other end of the room.


Everybody who worked near there was laughing all day as slowly but surely every person in the office got pranked.

OK. So it's not the most amazing prank ever. I thought it was fab but unless you've spent five years with a grudge for having to use the same John as all the men do, it probably doesn't seem as funny.

But here are the pranks that really ARE the most amazing April Fool's Pranks ever.

Look! I'm on the Tube

at 2:19 AM
Hi -

Considering the recent comments in front of the Senate by Ted Stevens, who is the guy in charge of regulating the internet, that
the internet is a series of tubes
and that
those tubes get blocked up

I though I'd like to let you know that I'm changing the name of what I do from

"SEO and Search Marketing" to

"Tube Maintenance".

Actually, it's pretty funny. The guy obviously doesn't even know how to download his own email.

Here is a link to where I watched about it. The video's at the bottom of the article on this page.

What a boob.