concatenation of atoms

Mar 29, 2007 at 1:31 AM
Tonight I found out that a good friend of mine has a kid (as in teenager) who has BLAMO become a serious hardcore neo-Nazi punk-ass. His myspace page gave me stomach cramps.

In my experience, this usually is a faze relating to the "how badly can I piss off society?" urge that is a consistent - if bothersome - trait in modern teenage-ness.

I wrote him the most compelling response I could, about how everyone's ancestry is a miracle, about how the concatenation of atoms that make up our bodies could be completely torn asunder and none of those atoms would contain our souls, about how a varied planet is a strong planet, about how personal ancestry is nothing compared to accomplishment. I was trying to woo him back to the world of compassionate one-world, "everybody's welcome at my party" kind of people.

I'm sure it won't work immediately. He's not going to strip off the SS armbands and start singing allelujah tonight, but I hope it impinges a little.

I know it's part of his way of being pissed off at the world. He might even decide that my words have no value because they are spoken by a person of muddy ancestry, I'm sure.

None of my pain, my joy or my thoughts are as important to a racist as their own. That is the thing that makes them so foul.

Because it doesn't matter what race they favor, I'm not in it. I'm pure-blooded MUTT. And my kids are even more so.

I'm proud of it. I read history books, and no matter what they're saying, nine times out of ten someone in my family has got an ancestor that was part of it.

It's just so sad. I've known this kid since he was little, watched him growing, learning. What happened to the little boy who loved using my camera and looking at little bugs in the grass? Who is it that messed with the head of this awesome person?

There's gotta be one heck of a suppressive situation going on.

'Cause I know in my heart he's not a bad guy.

Tonight I mourn the loss of common sense in someone I admired.


  1. That's horrible. My parents were lucky, we never had a teenage stage =]

  2. Anonymous Says:

    TO ALL: Yes, it's horrible. and that is putting it devastatingly mildly. I am the Nazi's mother. He "left me", cutting his apron strings to me, almost 2 years ago now. He left uptone and able. He has visited several times during, each time a little more damaged. But he won't stay home with me.
    Each time he blows, it seems to be right after some major theta moment with his little brother, whom he protects and adores (even now in PT). I get the idea his Blow is to protect his brother (s) from his crap.
    I am not, for the record, a Nazi or violent or hateful.
    And there is most definitely a suppressive on my kid's head. Having spent the miserable-failure period of thinking it was me, I now spend most of my time trying to find this nasty rat and help my son. I spend even more time just keeping my son in comm long enough to still be helped.
    If I was a Christian woman I would beg everyone I know to pray for me. Instead, please postulate with me--TONE 40!!!--that this IS only, merely, a "teen-age phase of hormones and angst gone wrong", and that he will soon get back into his own, theta, once-creative and loveing valence, no worse for wear (AND without irrevocable harm to others).
    And thank you, Desi...I know he is not truly bad also, but I am his biased mother. It is heartening to hear you say it, and boosts my postulate power that he can yet be salvaged: "Poof! You're a loving son again. Ala-ca-zaam."