Cooking with my kiddos

Feb 23, 2007 at 12:40 PM

Sorry if I've been out of touch, I'm a BUSY gal.

Tomorrow my kids go for three months with their dad. So I've been spending my copious oodles of free time with my little girls instead of with you.

My daughters are now cooks. They can cook nearly anything I know how to cook. That doesn't make them chefs by a long stretch, but it does make me happy. I am not a home economics major, nor do I think that a woman's place is at the home. I just love family time.

As a very busy working single momma, I found what little time there is in a day when I'm not typing should be spent wisely.

Cooking meals together is one way to force some real quality time into the daily grind. We all have to eat, so we all cook together. It's way messier, but I've got a load of wonderful little memories with my kids, which is worth finding carrot bits on the floor and flour in the sink sometimes.