Trip down Memory Lane

Nov 15, 2006 at 12:45 AM
I went to Clearwater to visit family for about a week and a half.

I was trying mostly just to lay low and stay at home with my sisters and my mom. Relaz, take in a few movies or go out with my sisters, you know. Stay low key.

Instead, I ran into or had interaction of some kind with nearly every single person I've known in the last twenty years. I ran into:
  • Joy and Bob: the parents of a girl I once taught when I was a lower school teacher,
  • Jenny: my ex-student from 13 years ago,
  • Paul: a guy I worked with 15 years ago,
  • Billie: the woman who sold me a cockatiel when I was 16,
  • Rick: Last years' model (awkward),
  • Jen: The gal my last boyfriend cheated with (awkward),
  • Margot: A beautiful woman with a heart-o-gold I used to work with.
  • Mackenzie: friend who's working on her first baby!
  • Kat: I barely had time to say HI when I ran into her,
  • Damara: childhood best friend - due any day now with her third boy,
  • Lexi: good friend married to a good ex,
  • Mike: my ex-fiance,
  • Duane: my old boss - same as ever,
  • Steve: my ex-husband,
  • Tommy: the dad of two daughters I used to nanny,
  • Frank: The father of a friend of my daughters',
  • Nancy: the clerk of the court who I turned my divorce papers in to last year,
  • John: old friend of the family,
  • Tyler & Lila: An ex's sister's son and daughter,
  • Chad: My ex-husbands' best-friend,
  • Yohana: A lady I used to work with who's pregnant again,
  • Moe: A guy I used to work with who says I'm brilliant,
  • Jon: A good friend who dropped me last year and patently ignored me,
  • Amber: Friend who wasn't supposed to even be in that town at all, A total surprise!
  • Adam & Harley: Amber's sons. I used to nanny (Harley). Another surprise.
and the list goes ON.

It got trippy there, like the final episode of a show - the one where everyone starts walking in, even if they only had a three episode run four years earlier. You know what I mean?

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    That is so cool! It was really good to see you for 2.2 seconds!!