Tom Cruise is Saner than EVER

Nov 25, 2006 at 10:24 PM
Wow, what a GREAT article: The truth about Tom Cruise.

Speaking of Cruise, I watched the "critically acclaimed" movie starring his ex-wife Nicole Kidman today. It was throw yourself from the nearest cliff upsetting. I swear that if someone you know is suicidal, keep them AWAY from "The Hours" - it will dump them right off the cliff. The movie takes place almost entirely in that self-pitying grandiousity and admiration for pain that occurs just before someone sends themselves into the great beyond.

It actually glorifies suicide. More than any other film or work of art I've ever seen.

Here are the finer points:

  • Two different people committ suicide, and it's portrayed as NOBLE.

  • A protagonist in the story abandons her children, and it's portrayed as the BETTER choice.

  • Another woman miserable in her life doesn't change it.

  • Everybody's homosexual including perfect 50s housewives.

It was weird and upseting and it totally threw my whole day off.

Nicole Kidman transformed herself into Virginia Woolf, she was actually nearly unrecognizable, but that doesn't change the net effect of her work of art. It was quite upsetting and dragged me down with no upbeat anything - no greater message.


1 Responses to Tom Cruise is Saner than EVER

  1. Amber Says:

    NO SHIT! I watched that movie a while back and felt the EXACT SAME WAY! Glad to know that I'm not the only one! BLOWN AWAY by the feeling of PURE DISGUST I was left with. Haven't seen a Nicole Kidman film since!
    (Hey--Remember when we saw Tom And Nicole in THEIR f'd up movie, in Clearwater? You. me and Damara all gave it the same review-type as THIS one. At least Tom has redeemed himself since then!)