Teen Screen is a Fraud?

Nov 16, 2006 at 12:14 PM
It is a good idea to care for our youth. No one is arguing otherwise. What the people who disagree with "Teen Screen" are saying is that it's a mockery of help - it is betrayal as help. In a word: fraud.

It is a bad idea to PRETEND to care for our youth while lining your own pockets. It's despicable when the politicians do it -- but that at least is exceptionally obvious and easy to avoid. It's plainly and obviously evil when the sheep's clothing on the wolf actually starts working, and we start allowing said wolf to raid our high schools looking for kids to turn into sheep.

Oy vey. You can tell I care a great deal about this issue.

You can't tell me that the people behind "Teen Screen" aren't looking at it as a promotional push, a way to double, triple or quadruple the number of children on psychiatric drugs, and within the next few years rather than over the course of their lifetimes. It is a push to overcome the declining numbers of people who are voluntarily seeking psychiatric help by using the publically funded school system to fish for children to drug. This on the assumption that it creates lifetime patients, people who - because psychiatry cannot cure anyone - will continue to buy the expensive mind-alteration drugs into perpituity.

Considering that we're talking about controversial, dangerous drugs that have never been proven not to permanently damage the growth of youngsters or their outlook on life, you can see how I'm a bit ticked off about "Teen Screen".