My opinion

Nov 25, 2006 at 2:01 PM
My opinion on the reasons for the below is that we are a gracious host, with a third world neighbor.

Should we stop helping these people when they need help? Gosh, no. But we need to do something that fixes the problem for good. We are slowly bleeding out the Mexican border. I know I can't afford the taxes that are being used to fund these illegals getting free healthcare.

How about setting up a different clinic "No, we're sorry, you need to go to the clinic HERE" that charges just a few hundred dollars, but a little MORE than the cost in Mexico. Surely these people can still pull together a few hundred dollars. If not, then they cannot get our health care services without going through the usual approvals.

I don't see why it is inhumane to tell these people they have to pay, when I personally am told "tough luck" when I can't afford something.