Where there's smoke...

Oct 9, 2006 at 7:34 PM
Today I have been thinking about smoking, and what is it that makes it toxic.

Scientists studying smoking and the negative effects of it start with an assumption. Their assumption is that it is the chemicals in the cigarette smoke that are causing the negative effects.

What if it is not the chemicals that cause the effect, but the fact that the tobacco is irradiated that causes the damage?

Perhaps it is possible that lung cancer, like many cancers, is caused more often by the radiation process that the tobacco undergoes than the chemicals?

I think so.

Further proof backing up my hunch. It was recently discovered by a third party investigator that smoking only a few cigarettes a day can actually be beneficial to your health rather than negative. In some cases, people who habitually smoked only three cigarettes a day were healthier than non smokers and lived longer. However, if you smoked 1 a day or if you smoked 5, those numbers tanked out again - somehow three was an amount some bodies could handle easily.

Possible why?

Nicotinic acid - AKA niacin, was dicovered because it is in the nicotine in tobacco - and it has a natural anti-radiation effect. Niacin is a part of any good detoxification program, and any good radiation poisoning repair program.

It is possible that the reason why only smoking three cigarettes is not as harmful is because the body gets just enough nicotinic acid to combat the radiation a little better and not eough toxins to not be able to expel them properly.

Just my musings. I am not a scientific researcher, but I think it ties together some recent, baffling discoveries in this area and solves a few puzzles that smoking research has uncovered lately. It also would explain that lung caner does not respond as well to chemotherapy as other bodily cancers. Perhaps it is possible that it needs to be treated as other radiation-related cancers are treated.

Perhaps in 100 years, everyone will have discovered what I mention here today. I personally believe that radiation is the root cause of most lung cancers.

Since processed food became regularly irradiated, more and more people have developed colo-rectal cancers, which makes sense. When your body doesn't want a substance in it, it send it to the colo-rectal area. Leaving a radioactive substance in your colon for too long naturally will cause a cancer to form.

Same with cigarettes. Lung cancer has risen in rates, sky rocketing a few years after the irradiation of tobacco became standard procedure, and continuing to maintain those rates. Doctors say that the jump was from better diagnosis, but I personaly feel it has everything to do with the use of radiation in the treatment of items we use in and on our bodies.

Where there's smoke, there's radiation. If you smoke Marlboros, Camels, Kools, Virginia Slims, Benson and Hedges, generics or whatever - you're irradiating your lungs, which to me is even creepier than just filling yourself with toxins. There are only a few good ways to release radiation from the body and they are a heck of a lot more work than standard bodily cleanses - and rarely undertaken. Most of the time, a person with radiation poisioning feels weak, has weight fluxuations, gets a general depression and malais -- sounds like modern America to me.

So, avoid radiation in your daily life. Stay away from CRT tubes, from irradiated foods, from cigarettes and from the more obvious sources of radiation like dental fillings and toxic waste dumps.

For you die-hard smokers out there: the only brand you can buy in the USA that does not radiate their tobacco is the "American Spirit" organic cigarette brand - and that was the word on the street before they were bought up by Winston Salem or whoever.

But you should really just QUIT. You know why? You're addicted. Do you know the word root for the word "addict"? It's the Latin word "addicere" which means: