TV Extravaganza

Sep 22, 2006 at 6:02 PM

According to the Nielsen Media Research Group, there are 2.7 TVs per household. That sounds about right. Usually there is a little one in the kids room, a big one in the livingroom, and the one that the big one replaced is either thrown out or moved to the master bedroom. For everyone like me who has only one TV, there are also people with a few extra TVs in the bathroom, the car, the kitchen, or other odd places.

The funny part of this is that there are only 2.55 people per household. TVs now outnumber Americans for the first time ever. I find that amazing. Positively ridiculous.

I don't even get channels on my TV; I just use it to watch movies. I wonder if that also means there are people who sign up for every conceivable cable and satellite TV option (to make up for people like me) and then religiously watch every one of their 80 shows pre week, TIVO-ing those that come on after they've dragged their inflow-only butts to bed at night (to make up for people like me).

What a life. I'm so glad it's not mine.