In case I ever go missing

Sep 3, 2006 at 6:21 PM
In case I ever go missing, I want all of my family and friends to know some things:

1. I would never ever leave my children purposefully. I would never ever go anywhere (for more than just a night out) without telling someone where to reach me. I don't travel without my kids unless they're staying with their dad. When I do travel, I use my AMEX for everything. I would be very easy to trace. I value the people I love too much to not communicate to atleast one of them regularly.

2. I have never considered suicide and I can't imagine a situation in which I would. I have already been through tough times and I am generally too optimistic about life to even consider it. Besides, as someone who believes to the core in reincarnation and carma, what good would it do? I know suicide survivors, and I would never put them through that. I would never do that to any of my family. Ever. (Even if my world fell apart. I look to my family when my world falls apart.)

3. Here is what my jewelry looks like. I wear the locket constantly, the flower is white marble with a grey streak, and was a gift from my step-mom, the ring is a gift from my mom (platinum with two hearts with pink stones in them that swoop past each other) and the black hematite magnet bracelet I bought because I have a mild case of carpal tunnel that it seems to help.

4. My best dental records are with Dr. Charlie in Clearwater. I haven't done anything to my teeth since I saw him.

Why the depressing subject matter? What gives? No reason in particular, nothing seems to be awry, but this is a "just in case". I once heard that the authorites will start looking for you much faster if you've made a statement like this in the past, or they can verify that you're not a person given to sudden urges to wander free.

My first line of defense is my gun, my second my wits and my third is my self defense training - which is sorely out of date. If all of those were ever to fail me, I would be vastly reassured if I knew that I would be being looked for by the best in a hurry, and that my family wasn't wondering if I just "took off", because I would desperately need your postulates of coming back safely.

Sorry to be such a downer, but this kind of thing can't be prepared for enough.