Solved it Already

Aug 22, 2006 at 1:03 AM
Hey! I had a real whopper of a problem I could have ranted and raved about, but it's gone before I can post about it.

Well, I solved a problem the way I have my whole life: with solutions.

As a Scientologist, the solutions to every problem are clearly laid out before me, and they never fail, because they are scientific fact - situation "A" solves with solution "B". Period. End of story.

So, when my own life develops a problem, I can't sit and stew in it. Unlike those of you who do not have a workable technology for solving problems at your fingertips, indexed and ready to be implemented, or those of you who were not born into the most workable technology for living ever devised, I don't have any right to revel in the exquisite pain of being the victim of some supposed wrong.

For instance, if a fire starts and you're the person standing next to the big red fire alarm lever, you're the one who's supposed to pull it. I am always the person standing next to the lever, because I am a Scientologist.

I already know what the solution is, so I just have to get myself to take the responsiblity necessary to implement the solution to that problem and it solves.

This ROCKS because there is no problem you can't solve if you implement. Scientology is CHOCK full of solutions to problems, and they work every time.

Some people I meet think that's a fanatical statement, but it's not. It's provable fact. It ALWAYS works. IS it fanatical for the mathematician to state that the solution to x = 3 + 1 is a;lways going to be 4? No. Why? Because Math is understood to be a workable science. Every time anyone ever has done the steps necessary to solve that problem, it has come out to 4.

That's what it's like to be a Scientologist.

Being raised as a Scientologist means you're never left with thinking the only solution to a problem is drugs or running away or flying off the handle. You know what needs doing. Because you're raised with a firm belief in many lifetimes and in responsibility and consequences, there really is never any point in considering suicide. Because you're raised with strong morals, it's impossible to be amoral enough to become a criminal.

So, I was a boring teenager. Which is fine with me.

When I grew up, my parents left it to me to choose what I wanted to be. So, at about 18, I started to dig in to finding out about other religions. I read the Bible, the Torah, snippets that I could find from Kaballah, and pieces of the Koran. I looked into yoga, into the mysticism surrounding martial arts, and then I read the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Tao, the Art of War, and everything that the Jehovah's Witnesses handed me.

None of that seemed right. I was used to a straightforward guide to living successfully - which is what Scientology is. None of that other stuff WORKED for me, gave me real-life ways to work to be a better person and the means to do so.

So, on my own, and for myself, I chose Scientology. And I have had a better life for it,

Now, back to the point. A problem between myself and a few old friends (one I grew up with, and one I used to be involved with - now married). We were having a bit of trouble communicating to one another. I knew what the solution was in this case, and made myself swallow my justifications for failing and just implemented the solution that I knew needed to be done. It was hard to be responsible, to put myself out there. I implemented the solution (which was the communicating to the friends in question of a particular withheld communication I had been avoiding talking about, about things I had done that were not the best).

Well - long story short, I no longer have my big, noisy problem.

My relationship with those people is back to the comfort of being problemless. And I like it that way.

It makes my blog post today nice and boring, but it makes my life happier and my goals more readily available. And that's the point, isn't it?