Property Rights are Disappearing

Aug 14, 2006 at 11:30 AM
Pretty soon the only place you'll be able to own any property is online, because while our "intellectual property" is safely protected, our ACTUAL PROPERTY can now be seized upon suspicion of solicitation for prostitution -- that's right, I said SUSPICION. You don't even have to ask for sex anymore. You just have to pull up to or try to talk to the person who is not really a whore. You will be arrested before you actually solicit now and BAM - no more car.

Now, I have no need to fear this law, because I will never get be confused with someone soliciting a prostitute. Right?

Well, that is both right and wrong. Of course I will never be found soliciting a whore, but I still do have reason to fear this law.

We should all be very leery of any law that peels away any piece of the property rights laws that protect us, no matter how unlikely it will be used against us personally.

If our cars can be taken away because we are considering being immoral, and if our homes can be taken away so that a new mall can get built, we're not living in my America anymore.

Read Amy's article - it's an eyeopener.