Only Good Thing to Come Out of Russian Military Experimentation

Aug 19, 2006 at 12:47 AM
This musical instrument is the most difficult musical instrument to learn, apparently. And it was invented by a physicist doing research into perimiter defense systems by the name of Lev Sergeivich Termen - after whom it is named.

I had never heard of it before.

Here's a link to a video of someone playing the Theremin.

The Theremin is pronounced kinda like Teremeen and is supposedly the most difficult musical instrument in the world to play. But I'd bet the reason it hasn't taken off is that it was invented in a communist nation, which is not known for it's free thinking freewheeling experimental musicians.

I'd bet people who've mastered the saw would disagree about whether the Theremin is actually hardest to play. Who decides that shite anyway? "The HARDEST musical instrument in the world to play."

Says who? Tell that to a seven year old boy being MADE to learn the clarinet. He'd probably love to switch to the Theremin. No silly buttons, valves, reeds. Just his hands and a weird haunted house noise from his viewpoint.

The BEST or the WORST is as impossible to define (outside of the clarity of the physical sciences) as perfection - think nirvana/utopia/shangrila. What are they but concepts? Somebody would be sorely disappointed no matter how hard you tried to make a utopia. Me for instance. America's current idea of utopia is extremely tightly controlled by government. I for one say NO THANK YOU.

Learn from history: No Earthly government has EVER created a perfect society. Hitler tried, look where that got him. Look where it got the commies. All the good it ever got them was the Theremin, for pete's sake.

"Group think" creates the lowest expectation for the highest possible price. That ain't gonna start magically making utopia happen.

I think the difference between best or worst is summed up with wit and panache by a Halloween episode of The Simpsons (yes I said The Simpsons) where Homer goes to Hell but the hell he arrives to is where people are force fed donuts endlessly, unrelentingly endlessly having donuts crammed into already full mouths. Whereas others are in agony, Homer's in heaven.

So, anyway, back to the Theremin. Now that Russia's been a democracy for a while, is this instrument of non-war gonna take off?