Never use uHaul

Aug 16, 2006 at 10:57 AM
Here's my advice: Avoid uHaul like the plague.

uHaul rented me a trailer with a broken axle and then refused to fix my car when the broken trailer caused so much strain on my vehicle that it broke.

I wasn't more than three hours into a cross country trip when the tranmission broke under the strain. The uHaul left me stranded on the side of the road for two days after they found out about the problem while they had me in endless customer support limbo. I spent TWO DAYS on the side of the road in florida summer heat, with my children and my dog in the car with me. And UHaul KNEW that.

I spent the entire time on the phone trying to get through to uHaul and get a replacement travel method. They eventually sent me across the state by tow truck (for which I paid $150 bucks in tow costs) in order to get a free 14 foot truck to use instead (because my car was broken) from a guy who was so pissed off about having to give away a free truck that he purposefully screwed me out of the insurance capability.

Their angry rep weighed the trailer with everything else that had not been in the trailer included -- This means that he weighed the contents of my trailer along with luggage (from four people seven days) plus a fifty pound bag of dog food and a big cooler of people food, the car top carrier rack, and everything that had been in my car to keep kids happy for a WEEK on the road. All of this was included in the weight he used because he loaded the contents of our car into the new uhaul BEFORE he weighed it all (he never weighed the trailer as he was legally required to do).

So we went over the weight limit of the trailer, although the trailer had been holding FAR less than he wrote down as the weight. He did this on purpose, because he was mad about having to come in to give away one of his trucks on a holiday weekend.

He even yelled at me and then ignored questions I asked him directly. This is after getting heatstroke and a sunburn bad enough to make my SCALP peel by being left on the roadside for two days.

His wife was peeved at him for what he did, I remember. She apologized. I didn't realize at the time that he was purposefully effing me over on the weight limit thing.

Because I pissed off the rental guy merely by existing, and my weight was hiked way up, Uhaul refused to fix my car. Despite that their AXLE WAS BROKEN, they denied my insurance claim.

The Uhaul team completely ignored the photos that I sent them that I had taken of the broken axle (I am posting those photos below).

They completely ignored the letters I sent in dispute of the insurance decision.

Here are the pictures of the fiasco that I sent UHaul. Aside from cropping or rotating, I have done nothing to alter these pictures, and I still have the original, unrotated photos if needed.

If I could find someone willing to help me sue them, I'd be happy to. I can't afford to fix my transmission - it was quoted out at $2600. My car isn't even worth that.

Here are pictures of the broken axle spring. You can see how it was already completely rusted through.

It was obviously busted before I even rented it. From the amount of rust built up already on the break itself, you can tell. You can't get that much rust built up in the 24 hours between when I rented the damn thing and when I took these pictures.

Here are some pictures of the wheel dragging against the wheel well (which broke my transmission by acting like having the brakes on while at highway speeds).

Here are pictures of the Trailer itself.

It took so much work to get back on the road that I took this picture to commemorate getting the tow truck to show up (after endless hours on the phone to uhaul at roaming cell phone prices).

Little did I know I'd still be trying to get my transmission fixed over a year later!

So, since UHaul completely ignored my follow up letters to their insane insurance decision (all three of them), I am posting this.

I sincerely hope that no one else ever has to go through what I did.