My First Oil Painting

Aug 23, 2006 at 7:36 PM

Hi -

I give away most of my paintings, especially the ones I like. This oil painting is posted here for your viewing pleasure. I am unhappy with most of it except the candle holder and the wax block (which I have enlarged below).

It was one of my first oil paintings (if not my very first) - at least ten years old.

So, here you go. I have every doubt about posting this, because I want to make a million excuses, and say how I want to change it or do this that or the other thing differently, but that's just silly.

One thing I must say is that even with improved technique since then, I still need work on perspective. I am looking for a good simple explanation of it that actually is readily applicable to painting. I don't want photo-realistic perspective, but painting perspective. It is a little different, and I want a textbook that understands that. Any advice?