iTunes is helping me remember to exercise

Aug 15, 2006 at 12:39 AM
I put together a playlist in iTunes of my 100 favorite upbeat songs - the ones with strong beats running through them. I've been doing exercise to my new iTunes collection. I have to keep it up for at least ten songs.

I do whatever motion I feel like at that moment. I take a minute to lay on the mat in some basic restful asanas, let my body tell me which muscles are in need of a stretch, which need to be worked out more. Then I start. First two songs are a warm up, breathing, yoga, pilates stretches, hapkido leg stretches - whatever. Then the third is more intense exercise. I'm at a full clip from song four through seven doing double time punches, sweeps, lunges, kicks, or, if I'm in a non-agressive mood, some ballet, dance, or some katas. Then I start the wind down, breath deep and push my muscles into long stretches.

It's been better fun and easier to stick to than any other exercise program I've ever tried. And it is completely free. Can't beat that.

Today's work out was
Johnny and Mary - Placebo
Tainted Love - Soft Cell

Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics
Hard to Explain - The Strokes
Hate to Say I Told You So - The Hives
Closer - NIN
Out of Control - She Wants Revenge
Automatic Stop - The Strokes

Extraordinary Machine - Fiona Apple
Sing For Absolution - Muse

It is really perfect workout music for me, and I actually like doing it once or twice a day. It's just too simple to worry over. I can even do it a couple times a day. I don't have to buy any more junk to do it. Sure, the pilates bands come in handy, but I can use my own body to provide isometric resistance if I don't want to stop to go get them.

I pick good music - ten songs - and then make myself work out. What good is all that ballet, my black belt and my dust-covered collection of yoga books if I never do what I want with it? So, I'm just doing what I want. It feels good. I mix everything together into whatever my body wants to do. To heck with sticking to a discipline. I already did that. Earned my stripes. Now I want to get back in shape by playing with it all.