Interesting blog post

Aug 26, 2006 at 2:45 PM
I read this at the Huffington Post. It was a nice statement of my initial gut reaction to the news yesterday about Tom Cruise's non-renewal of contract.

What happened with a non-renewal of contract is virtually unheard of. It shows the power that a large number of small lies can weild in the hands of trusted authority like our media.

My guess is that it was entirely about stock. Which means that Tom was planning a break from Paramount and Paramount decided to strike first. "To hell with decency" when their stock is in jeopardy.

That is the only theory that makes complete sense in light of the obvious facts.

But what do facts matter to the media? I have never seen them take any fact and display it accurately. Everything has a "spin" - which I define as turning facts and reality into propaganda for the purposes of selling something or creating public opinion where it would not otherwise exist.

I remember a very uncomfortable movie that I saw once. It was called "Roger Dodger". The only memorable line in it what when Roger told someone he had to get back to work to "make people hate themselves" and that selling was a process of making people hate themselves enough to buy BLAH product to solve it.

Sounds about right, that sounds about like what the media does.

The motto would appear to be:


They are sure making Tom suffer now, aren't they? Tom decided he didn't need PR help, and the media grabbed on to that. They take every step Tom takes, freeze-frame it in telephoto glory and make it look like a blunder. Whether it is or not, doesn't matter. It LOOKS like one. The average Joe sees the newspaper editorials and smear pieces and thinks "Criminy! What is that guy doing?". Well, that's just what happens when you fly into the teeth of convention.

When it works out in your favor, it's called PR. If you're an individual and the media likes you, they call you
"brave", "a trailblazer", "a forward thinker"

When it doesn't they call you
"arrogant", "out on a limb", "bizarre"

Same thing from different angles, aren't they? That's called SPIN.

The media -- and apparently Paramount -- seems to be thinking that Tom Cruise has jumped the shark. I think it's more like the sharks are jumping him.

What is happening to Tom Cruise right now cannot be seen as anything but a black PR campaign where everything that happens is played purposefully to get the most negative SPIN possible on it. What that means is that none of us really know what's happening. Only Tom and Kate do. As far as I'm concerned, that's where that one sits for now, and I'm not believing anything that Tom doesn't say for himself.