Inscendiary hoohah

Aug 13, 2006 at 7:18 PM
More and more every day, I hear rhetoric being spoken by usually reasonable people. Rhetoric that I thought humanity had outgrown using. Crusader speech cloaked as modern war updates -- spoken by those with their chain mail hidden beneath three piece suits over in Washington DC.

This speech that dehumanizes enemies until all you see is the reflection of your own hate can do no good, can get us no closer to winning this war. Speaking of the enemy as evil, heartless, cut-throat, all-devouring creatures takes away from the ability to beat them. It dissuades confronting the truth of things.

There is no lasting conflict if the enemy is not a match to you: in wit, in capability, in intelligence, in force. If you believe your enemy to be a ruthless animal, then you have stopped confronting the truth of the matter.


It is a huge mistake to dehumanize your enemy, to assume that they are the basest and you are the most honorable. The roles reverse very quickly if you start making statements like that while debasing yourself by acting vicious and bloodthirsty.

Stop thinking of our enemies abroad and at home as being something other than what they are, and you will better understand his motives, his reasons and his intentions toward you. Inscendiary speech is only capable of clouding the judgement. It is only spewed when someone intends to do something no rightminded person would ever do.

LOOK at the enemy. LOOK at what they do -- not what people say about what they do -- and judge them solely on that. They are as human as you and I, and apparently a good match for the morals and ethics, the power and force of our own government - like it or not. If they weren't, the war would be long over. It has been gong on for 5 years. Either we are holding back or the enemy is more intelligent, more like us than we're being led to believe.

Our enemy has a long history of inscendiary hate-speech. They've been doing it since at least the 11th century that I know of - off and on.

(Do you know what solved it last time? Simply outgrowing the need to fight one another and choosing instead to profit from one another. The trade between the middle east and europe began in earnest shortly after the crusades. That's what really killed the crusade mentality, if you ask me.)

The hateful lies about you, me and him can be seen as a thread running through the tapestry of this war.

our enemy tells us that they believe we are soulless, inhuman creatures. And if we let them, this very belief will be the seed of their own destruction. Let them collapse under their own weight in lies and misdeeds.

BUT if we join in the blind projection of hate, in the stealing of our enemy's soul, we make it possible for the war to continue endlessly.

If you want to win you must NOT give up the high ground. And the high ground in this war is entirely our ability to recognize truth, to see in someone we don't know a good soul. We recognize that all human beings are inately good and right and can be helped and can help others.

Even though our recognition of worth may not seem liek a weapon, it is a much better tactic than to degrade the face of our enemy until he is not even human to us.

So, knock off the hate speech, people. It offends me even when it is about someone dead set on killing me. I'm not going to foam at the mouth with hatred and rage.

I'd rather know my government was cool-headed and sanely operating in my best interest without the blind fury that occurs when hate takes over.

When we all begin talking about our enemy the same way he talks about us, we've lost. After that, it really matters little who wins, because if we're all foaming at the mouth to kill the soulless enemy, no one stands at the compass, keeping the country on course.

What about the rest of us who aren't spewing hate? What can we do?

Here's what I think. The very best thing we could all do, as citizens, is stop worrying about the war at all. I don't meant ot stop thinking about it. I just mean stop flowing power to the insane hate-mongers, instead choose to LIVE YOUR LIFE to the FULLEST.

As Heinlein said:


(Latin, loosely translates to If you're gonna live, then LIVE, dammit!).

Just flourish and prosper in the face of everything. Nothing gets the goat of a hatemonger more than being completely ignored.

And that's the extent of today's tirade about the course of the war.