I'm a music writing machine!

Aug 29, 2006 at 6:40 PM
Something shifted in my universe and I have been writing new music now for that last few weeks at an average of 1 piece a day.

Those of you who've called me in the last few days have been held hostage - forced to listen to whichever new piece of music I'm writing when you call. So far rave reviews, but it's all from family and friends. It'd be interesting to see what the general population thinks of them.

I've got a few good themes, some completed pieces and several songs.

I am very excited about this, because I had "musician's block" for a few years there.

Now it's time to write this new batch down.

I hate writing out sheet music, because my music writing is akin to a 6 year old's cursive. It takes a great deal of work to get the piece playable by anyone but me, with numerous scratched drafts.

Does anyone know of a good non-midi based program I can buy to write sheet music in? A WYSIWYG editor that lets me build sheet music on my computer. I have no interest in something that requires connecting my computer to my keyboard -- standalone software please.